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What's new! 150122

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Taiwan-Thailand-Japan Paphiopedilum Joint Meeting 150113
3 Paphiopedilum Societies were gathered together in TIOS 2013 and held the signing ceremony of a sister societies

JGP(Japan Grand Prix, International Orchid Festival ) in Tokyo Dome
JGP 2015 will come soon

International Paphiopedilum Forum in Tokyo 141222

Date: The 15th(Sun) , Feb. in 2015
Place: Sience Museum in Kitanomaru Park
Sponcered by Japan Paphiopedilum association (JPA)
Lectures :
 Mr. Alexje Popow
This meeting will be held in JGP period above. Please visit us when you come to JGP. Contact to Dr. Tanaka (tanatosh@jichi.ac.jp)

I wish to the attendance. If possible, would you donate some small amout of confectionery like cookies, candies or chocolate....? In this meeting, we want to enjoy the confectionery from each countries around the world or local areas in Japan with flowers and with many Paph friends. Can you do that? Thank you.

Report of JGP ( Sorry, the report is before 2006 only)



Lateinamerikanische Frauenschuhe – Phragmipedium by Mr. Olaf Gruss
New Orchid books (CLICK). 150117

 Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS) 2014(CLICK) 150117

The newly described species...... Newly discovered Paphiopedilums (CLICK)  
Paphiopedilum rungsuriyanum etc.

Genus Paphiopedilum Albino Forms was published by Mr. Olaf Gruss
New Orchid books (CLICK). 080410

Paphiopedilums for the beginners (CLICK)


Some thoughts on Paphiopedilums (CLICK)


The wonderful Paphiopedilum world (CLICK)
The rare hybrids in Japan (


Dr. Tanaka's Paphiopedilum World (CLICK)
Family, Paphs, Paphs' Growing area etc.


How to grow and care of Pahiopedilum (CLICK)
Technique for growing paphs. Including information from visitors.


Paphiopedilum Friends around the World(CLICK)


TOPICS Newly discovered
Paphiopedilums (CLICK)
Phragmipediums ( CLICK )


The Special Program (CLICK)
Visiting to the habitat of Paphiopedilum godefroyae var. leucochilum in Thailand 
Paph. leucochilum breeded in Japan

Paph. tranlienianum album was described.
Many kinds of Topics and Special Programs


Orchid Show around the world
Information of Orchid Show will come soon (CLICK)
Report of Orchid Show( CLICK )
< International and Local Orchid Shows around the world with a focus on Paphiopedilums >



Japan Paphiopedilum Association(JPA) (CLICK)
< the official web site>(CLICK)
The schedule of monthly meeting in 2015




About Washington Treaty, CITES.(CLICK)


RHS information (CLICK)


The useful information for you
The good news including how to grow Paphs., some products for growing etc.(CLICK)


Arts of paphiopedilum (CLICK)


Q & A
The answer room for questions in Paphs from you .
Some are in English now !(CLICK)


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