Have you ever seen H

These are very interesting and novel hybrids.

When you see the very intersting hybrids that you have never seen before, take a photograph and send it for this site, please.

Primary Hybrids

( delenatii x jackii )

It was made by Mr. Franz Glanz in Germany and looks very similar to the cross with malipoense instead of jackii. The difference is only the other colour of the staminode. But it is really a beautiful cross. It grows very well and flowered very easy. ( Olaf Gruss )@
The new hybrids of Paph. helenae is introduced on another page.

( hainanense x sanderianum )

( liemianum x leucochillum )

( exul x glauciphyllum )

( esquilorei x glaucophyllum )

( malipoense x mastersianum )

( villosum x niveum )

( micranthum album x ang thong album )

( micranthum album x ang thong album )

Another Hybrids

iVanda l. Pearman x micranthum )

( Wellesleyanum x micranthum )

( St. Swithin x concolor )

( St. Swithin x leucochilum )

( St. Swithin x moquetianum )

( St. Swithin x glaucophyllum )

( St. Swithin x hookerae )

( St. Swithin x sukhakulii )

( St. Awithin x delenatii )

( supardii x Mt. Toro )

( spardii x philippinense )

( Snow Bird x cahrlesworthii )

( Lig Greenless x henryanum )

( Orchilla x sanderianum )

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