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The newly discovered Phragmipediums

I'll introduce Phragmipediums that are recored as newly discovered speceis or might be a new species in a table as follows. Click the NO. that you are interested in. You will be able to enter the site directly. When you visit here for the first time, I advice you to enter from NO.1 and visit each page one by one.

@NO.11   Phragmipedium longifolium forma album @ 180130
 NO.10  Phrag. manzurii@ 150120
 NO.9 Phrag. anguloi 150118
 NO8 Phrag. guianense 150118
 NO7 Phrag. andreettae 150118
 NO.6 Phrag. popowii 150118
Phrag. brasiliense 031222
Phrag. kovachii 020624
Phrag. christiansenianum 020408
Phrag. christiansenianum
Phrag. tetzlaffianum

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