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The newly discovered Phragmipedium

NO.9@Phrag. anguloi



This article was descrived in Richardiana XIVept. 289-294 (2014)
 Phragmipedium anguloi is an herbaceous plants, usually growing in lwafy debris and humus pockets on rocky underground; the growths are crustered giving the plants a compact habit; the leaves are linear, acute, about 10-13 cm long by about 2.5 cm wide, uniformly green; the inflorescence is erect, 9-12 cm long, unbranched, generating several flowers in succession; the flower is 4.6-5 cm across and about 3.5 cm high; The DS is about 2 cm long by 1.3-1.5 cm wide, very pale rose to very pale green, with more or less distinct green venations; the petals are ovate, 19-23 mm long by 15-19 mm wide, white to rose, with two blurred magenta spots at the upper basalmargin base and very little magenta at the tips, finely white pubescent, the basal part on inside villous; the basal half of th epouch with well-developed and distinct fenestrations.
   The distinct enestrations
 A new species Phrag. angloi (B, NO.10) and Phrag. andreettae (C)

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