Visiting to the habitat of Paphiopedilum godefroyae var. leucochilum in Thailand (NO.1)   150106

・・・・・・In June, 2014, we climbed the mountain of limestone which towers near coast in Phang Nga, where is the west side of Malay Peninsula and is north of Phuket Island to visit the habitat of Paphiopedilum godefroyae var. leucochilum.
・・・・・・Our members are 4 Japanese who are the members of Japan Paphiopedilum Association, JPA, 3 orchid's friends in Thailand and other 3 local guides in Phang Nga who are orchid grower too.
We stayed at a resort hotel faces beautiful coast in Phuket Island 3 days but left the hotel with backpack to the mountain. We went to Phang Nga by a car and after joining the local guides in the town in Phang Nga, we bigan to climb the limestone mountain.
A participant from Japan were only the aged people who are 60-70 years old mainly. So orchid friends in Thailand who prepared this project chose the mountain we, the older seem able to climb easily.
・・・・・・・Because Paph. godefroyae var. leucochilum grows naturally widely in altitude around 200m in these mountains, and it's said that the natural habitat isn't rare and more Paph. thaianum grows naturally in a height of altitude 500m in the same mountains, and it's said that Paph. thaianum isn't also rare.
It's said that that it's serious to climb 500m of a cliff of the limestone pathless.
///////We just climbed about 200 m only, but it was so serious that it wasn't possible to be expressed in words. Approximately 2-3 hours was needed to the habitat of Paph. leucochilum from the base of the mountain after I got out of a car, friends said ' If we were young, it's possible to climb in following time half.'
///////We were labor enough for us, aged people..... I saw Paph leucochilum grew naturally in their habitat by my own eyes and I was moved. And I understood it isn't easy to visit the habitat of Paphiopedilum sufficiently. But I never learn a lesson. I'd like to go again.

Arriving at  Phuket International Airport The resort Hotel, Holliday Inn Phuket
The beautiful garden and pool is empty for us, climbing mountain tomorrow. 
HOtel was bilt after Tsunami 2004. We can see the sign anywhere.
To the local restrant with orchid friends in Phuket.
 Lt looks hot. And it was much more hot than we expected.  Sui who lives in Phuket Is explain how to eat the local food.
  When we enter into Phang Nga, we could see many limestone high mountains which towers near coast.
Such a mountains of limestone lie beachfront in Phang Nga. In some town where closed to the mountain our climbing in Phang Nga, they arranged to see guides.
 We addived at the destination. OK...Let climb. It was the feeling that we came to the mountain in tropical zone really.
 The local guides. Of course, they are Paph lovers. 若くて頼もしく感じます。 They're young and feel reliably.
 ' Look at. We are going to climb the mountain, now '  Really... this mountain? They told not to worry... because it wasn't a great mountain. But it will be serious from now.
It was becoming sudden gradually. The way is opened andwe climbed straight to the destination. There is a plantation of rubber at the place climbed a little.
Collection of rubber. I see, it is adopted in this way? We'll advance a little while opening the way by hatchet.
Hooo.........! They won't be young any more..... The wild flower found on the way. The name isn't found out.
 We took a break a little under the cliff where towered so big.
Big stalactites like in a limestone cave was hung. It is high humidityin tropical mountains, and sweat is sprouting without holding.
In use of the foot unordinary, my feet was so tired. Sui is the well known hobbyist in Phuket Is:
   The village we have begun to climb the bottom all the while where was seen. We have climbed so much. It's very impression. We felt so good by a refreshing wind.

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