Visiting to the habitat of Paphiopedilum godefroyae var. leucochilum in Thailand (NO.2)   150106

"I got it. !" Fatigue blew off in sudden voice.
Paph. leucochilum is growing naturally in such form on vertical cliff.
Aah said " Toshi, Look at this "」
This is s a beautiful stock, isn't it? Although the flower is never big........
The feeling that the form is still good This is also good form.
  Paphiopedilum godefroyae var. leucochilum grows naturally in altitude 100-200m and on a small shelf of the side in the north-west, the steep cliff in a limestone mountain. The plants extend their roots in the sail where withered up plants accumulated through ditch of rainwater in this cliff. It also seems that moisture is maintained here through dry season, and several cm of young plants also grow in line. Matured seeds is poured into rainwater, and they seem to germinate along this quarter. The plants seem not to be exposed to the light of sun shine directly. But They might get morning sun, in summer especialy ? It's shadow overall, but looks very light.
 Hot argument is also developed at an indigenous place.  
Many plants are growing naturally along a ditch like a crack of such big rock. A large plants wasn't found. Matured plant with the ovary which became brown and was burst. This clump had at most, 2 plants.
The plants are growing up so vividly in nature. It is very different from the situation thet Paph. leucochilum grow in my greenhouse. When we see the condition they grow in nature, roots seem to be dryness a touch. I think roots don't become too much water.
  I was very happy because I could come in their blooming season.
The end of a limestone is sharp like a knife. If we put on ordinary athletic shoes, they seem to tear the bottom. When slipping, you'd be injured seriously.
We climbed down the mountain and went to a local restaurant. Surprised dish came out, and I gathered my courage and ate. chicken in fried rice curry, .
Some past looks like red bean jelly. white fiber is coconut. This also looks like rice cake. The taste is fairly good completely.
We also went to a local restaurant at this night. The president of Phan Nga Orchid Society visited us.
 Next morning, before leaving Phuket, we visited Sui's villa where he grows orchids. Sui is one of the representative orchid hobbyist of Thailand.  He grows a lot of orchids in the very large growing area. Of course, almost of all orchids are Paphiopedilum.
 The most popular Paphs is Paph. exul in the southern Thailand. His collection is one of the most well known in Thailand. He grows Paph. exul in the wire netting with many guard dog.
Sibling cross of his pride Paph exul.  After breeding, ovarys are swelling.
 So many seedlings by his own breeding.  Bulb. phalaenopsis
 Sui comments his plants earnestly.  
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