International Paphiopedilum Forum 2015

 International paphiopedilum Forum 2015 which was suported by Japan Paphiopedilum associatrion(JPA) every year was held in the 15th, Feb. 2015 in the Science technology Center in Kitanomal Park near from Tokyo Dome.
It's the contrived meeting in order to spend some pleasant time with my domestic Paphiopedilum lovers including JPA members who lives in the distant place and is rarely also possible to meet and who participates from foreign countries in the world orchid exhibition Japan Grand Prix 2015 open to pubric from the 14th February .
Im this year, One of the speaker, Mr. Alexej Popow from Germany offered us information on the new kind he got in southeast Asia and new information on the rare Paphiopedilums and another speaker, Mr.Dutchie Saenchai introduced Paphiopedilum growers in Thailand. The organizer prepared sandwitch and appetizer and we enjoyed snack and juice that participants brought. In patrticular, foreign attendance gathered chocolate snacks etc from the respective countries. This meeting was very international in character and was something very pleasant. Thank you very much for everyone of a participant. We'll see you next year too. Anybody who is not a member of JPA can participate this meeting, so by all means, everyone with interest participate next year, please.

 All pictures here were offered by Mr. Takashi Kamei, a member of JPA. Thank you very much for Mr. Kamei.

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