Santa Barbara International Orchid Show 2015
The 70th anniversary SBIOS
The 40th anniversary SBIOS organized by CSA 
The 40th anniversary Cymbidium Congress 


 Santa Barbara International Orchid Show organized by CSA is one of the well known orchid show around the world. The show was held from the 13th to the 15th, May 2015. This show is the 70th anniversary in Santa Barbara and the 40th annivarsary after CSA organized. The annual Cymbidium Congress was started at the same time and it is the 40th anniverssary too. So, this year's show became the anniversary one with power.
In truth, this show is one of most favorite orchid show around the world for me. In this time,
I visited this show to speak in the Cy,bidium Congress and to participate in CSA judge. So, I stayed from the beginning to the end of the show and enjoyed
the whole of show sufficiently. I could spend very wonderful experience and enriched one week with old friends and new friends in orchid. I'll introduce some part of the show now. If you have a chance, please visit this orchid show by all means. You can experience the orchid show which was built up by many orchid hobbyists and growers and warms your heart , I believe.

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Santa Barbara International Orchid Show 2015

In Santa Barbara City. This si the 3rd time for me to visit this city. This city is very quiet and restful.
I love this city very much.
The down town of Santa Barbara City. This road goes to sea straight. Down town looks so big changed for tourist from the time when I visited, over 10 years before.
We took breckfast in the open caffe by some patisserie in this city.
I choosed crescent roll. But this crescent roll was the prime one which contains a lot of butter.
Santa Barbara International Orchid Show was held in the Exhibit Hall in this city.
We cansee the mountains to west under the blue sky. The exhibitin guidance in the hall.
In Santa barbara Orchid Show, we can touch warm feeling which did not change so long time. Because The orchid hobbyists, the younger and the older made their exhibition by them selves. We can feel their passion from each exhibition.
  In california, Cymbidium has a high popularity among orchid hobbyists. Of course, the exhibition focusing on Paphiiopedilums were stood out.
   They can get various brilliant trophy for the champion in each category. After the show, these torophyies are withdrawn but The data of award ia recorded on the trophy and plate recored the data and photograph is given to the owner of the awarded flower. There is no other prizes for the award. The owner will get the record plate and the place of honor only.
  This exhibition got a lot of trophies.
  Some exhibition was prepared in so large scale.
 Every day, the hall wa full up by general audience. There were so many audience from other states.  There was the exhibition of Toyo-Ran in Japan stayle.
We could see many kinds of Cymbidium, a hot orchid. I was overpowered with fascination from Cymbidium flowers I have never seen.  
This is one of trophy that have many small plate recorded the award every year for the cahmpion exhibition . The right small and black plate will be gived to the owner and the photograph of this exhibition will be sticked on the pink seal area. 。 

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