Santa Barbara International Orchid Show 2015 (NO.4)

 40th Annual Cymbidium Congress 14th. March, 2015
Cymbidium Congress was begun from 1976 under sponsorship of CSA, and this was the meeting which becomes commemoration in the 40th this year. This congress was held at an auditorium in the elementary school which is near the exhibition hall. 6 speakers, 3 about Cymbidium and another 3 about Paphiopedilum are follows,
Mr. Jason Fisher (Minnesota): The 3nd generation of Phrag. kovachii
Mr. Greg Bryant (Australia): The awarded Cymbidiums in new breeding.
Dr. Toshinori Tanaka (Japan): Deep purple colored Paph. godefroyae var leucochilum
Mr. Jim Cootes (Australia): Cymbidium species and Paphiopedilum species in Philippin
Dr. Yasushi Hirano (Japan): How to appreciate Toyo-Ran, oriental orchids. 東洋蘭の鑑賞の仕方について
Dr. Randall Robinson (Australia): The developement of Cymbidium breeding シンビジウム原種の遺伝的特徴を生かした交配の進展について
At the last, Mrs. Heidi Kirkpatrick who is the editor of CSA journal, The Orchid Adovocate talked about the history of this Cymbidium congress in 40 years.
  Cymbidium Congress was held in auditorium of primaly school closed from exhibition hall.
From AM 7:30, a morning banquet has bigun. They prepared very delicious breakfast for the participants who attend this congress from early morning. These are so delicious and healthy foods, vegetables and fruits mainly.
Croissant and bagel. Of course ,good taste. Fruits is Black Berry and Strawberry 
In the hall, flasks of Cymbidium seedlings were sold. I have never seen like this flasks in Japan. In california, many kinds of breeding of big flower type Cymbidium are preparing and many orchid hobbyists enjoy to grow them. The greeting by the chairman of Cymbidium Congress, Mrs. Luchia Brandt.
Mr. Jason Fisher (Minnesota) talked about the 3rd generation of Phrag. kovachii.  
Mr. Greg Bryant (Australia) talked about new awards of Cymbidium recentry.  
Mr. Jim Cootes (Australia) talked about species of Cymbidium and Paphiopedilums in Philippin
 Dr. Yasushi Hirano (Japan): 東洋蘭の鑑賞の仕方について D r. Randall Robinson (Australia): シンビジウム原種の
Luch also prepared considering about healthy menu, vegetable, fruit, pasta, ham-salad sandwich etc. Sandwich in California is so delicious.
Taking lunchi, the session began. The congress finished at about PM 4:00 and we had free time. At AM 6:00, we gathered again and the well-known auction bigan taking dinner.
The menu of dinner is helthy too. Mixed cheese, vegetables and fruit, and ham sandwich. I loved them.
They are members who stayed with me. They enjoyed wine which they brought by themselves. They like wine very much. They enjoyed wine every night in our staying home.  Everywhere they were enjoying conversation about orchids.
Oh, the auction was starting now. Everybody noticed to the center. 
Here, Wine and champagne was suported.   The line up of orchids for auction. All plants were donated to CSA for this auction.
 The was started after the greeting by Mrs. Lucia Brandt. She said ' This auction is not discount sales but actual auction.' ' The sales will be very important working expenditure of this Cymbidium Congress.' ' So, please co^operate to our meeting.' The auction was moved at so nice tempo.
The president of Santa Barbara Orchid Show, Mr. George Hatfield talked about the results and comments of CSA and AOS judge. He erported that the number of awards by AOS was the biggest in USA and that this show was the biggest one in USA.
The very charming and cute gairl is Miss Lyn Gomes. She helped me in my private matter like shopping etc. She is the owner of the my homestay house which is old-fashion and so gorgeous. Thank you Lyn so much. I don't forget the gorgeous time with you.
At the last, Mrs. Heidi Kirkpatrick who is the editor of CSA journal, The Orchid ADVOCATE. talked about the history of this Cymbidium congress, 40 years. Because this meeting was the special one, the 40th anniversary.
The introduced CSA journal, The orchid Advocate in which was introduced the 1st Cymbidium Congress in 1976.
In the first meeting, the congress chairman was Mr. Ernest Hetherlington and the congress was held in some Hotel in Santa Barbara.
In truth, Mr.  Hetherlington attended at this congress (He attends at this congress ever year), and the day was his 98th birthday. In hall, The present chairman, Mrs Lucia Brandt gave the hornable trophy to the first chairman, Mr. Ernest Hetherlington and the hall resounded with applause of all participants with chorus oh happy birthday.
In the 15th(Sun) morning, we had breakfast with othe speaker as the official events in the club house of yachts in Santa Barabara harbor. About 30 years before, I have visited with my families. The sight of harbor now was different from that before very much/ I was surprized so much numbers of yacht and boat.
There is a yacht club house at the end of harbor. On the 2nd floor, they have nice viewed restrant.
We found the baby of seal just beside us. In club house,many cups of yacht race were decorated I have never seen the cups before.  
  They are the members of homesaty with me.
  All participants
In this day, some yacht race was taken place. By the sign of roud voice of horn, race was started and many yachts ccame to our sea coast.
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