Santa Barbara International Orchid Show 2015

Homestay with orchid friends
Visiting orchid friends and nursery 

The gorgeous house prepared for the speaker of Cymbidium congress by CSA as a homestay. The owner is the beautiful lady, Miss Lyn Gomes whom I introduced in the section of Cymbidium congress (NO.3). This house is older than 100 years old., I hard.
The front door of the quiet appearance  The reach way for a car in the back entrance
There were many bird feeders in the garden. I hard that her mother likes creatures very much. So, appearances how she loved creatures can be felt everywhere. At a terrace, I wanted have teatime comfortably.
The water place for wild birds in a back garden.  
I was born and grew up in Kobe where is famous at a Western house in Kitano area. This house and furnitures is so gorgeous looks like the musiaum in Kobe. We need courage to sit down on the antique chairs.
It seemed to be the place where we can relax comfortably, but I couldn't settle at all because I were in the musium.
The living room we used mainly. I and other 4 orchid friends stayed in this house.
Every orchid friends except me were relaxed drinking wine I stayed in this bed room.
 Another bed room. 。Santa Barbara should be warm through whole year, but there is a fireplace in each room.
The bathroom Palatial residences are lined up in the neighborhood.
I who affected with seeing suchorgeous house ......... it must be poor man's habit. bare, it'll be, won't it? 、was the house which seems unsuitable for me.。
 Dr. Don Brown 's home. After Dr. Don Brown retired from California Univ. , he ejoyed orchid life in the suburbs of Santa Barbara.
 His green house that doesn't have heater. It has a roof of the rain cover and a net of an insect repellent. In his working room, there were many orchids for exhibiting in the orchid show.
   Americans like argument. When there is a chance, their argument was heated and developed with forgeting time.
 California poppies in California. The fresh colored flowers suit the blue sky in California. Osteospermum is alien species of African origin.
This flower is sensitive to the cold, but it's growing naturally in California.
At the house of famus CSA member in Santa Barbara The bright living room was ocupied by many and beautiful orchids.
Various and many flowers bloom all over the wide garden. There is valley in the garden and balck shadowed several orchid house in the valley.  
 We visited Orchids Royal where I have been over 10 years before.  In their office, so many award records were displayed on wall,
Orchid Royal is one of nurserys of long standing for big flower type of Cymbidium and modern complex type Paphiopedilums in U.S.A. The history of breeding in high quality is distinguished in California.
The entrance of orchid's house is the same as before.....  Mr. Jim Burkey is the owner of Orchid Royal
Mr. Norito Hasegawa was looking for nice flowers seriously.
Around Los Angels, we can see trees of orange, Lemon and/or avocado are heavy with their fruits. When I visit here over 10 years before, I got oranges from this tree, I rember. The tree grows 3 times or 5 times bigger.
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