Santa Barbara International Orchid Show 2015 (NO.2)

 The large-scale exhibition by Cal Orchids.
 The exhibition by Orchid Royal, exhibited Paphiopedilums mainly. I was fascinated by very high quality of many Paphiopedilums. Orchid Royal is one of nurserys of long standing for big flower type of Cymbidium and modern complex type Paphiopedilums in U.S.A. The quality is very high.
The exhibition awarded Gold Medal in the category of Paphiopedilum exhibition.It is very high quality of Japanese style exhibition.
 There was a higher observatory in the center of hall, we could enjoy very interesting landscape.
   Many kinds of Masdevallias were exhibited.
As I mentioned befor, many exhibitions were prepared by Scieties and the exhibited orchids were grown by their members. So, the exhibition were composed by so various kinds of orchid flowers. It is very intersting like a toy's box.
  We could see an amatour eager photographer just like in Japan.
   3 pretty girls ....... yes, pose ..... very good!
 Phalenopsis is popular like Cymbidium in California. Many hobbyist grow Phalenopsis in their garden but not in soil.
In almost of all exhibition, Cymbidium was leading character.
  In the openning day of this show, they have a big program, inviting primary school students and making tour. A judge member of CSA or AOS take charge of each groupe. I believe the children will be intersted in orchids and they will grow orchids. Furthermore some of them will be a member of CSA or AOS in future. In Japan, we are required like this, I guess.
In the tent outside, the special area was prepared for orchid growing class, 3 times a day. The class was full up evry time. The participants were enjoyed very much.
In this show, they have categories of art and crafts.
Good color, shape .....I love these flowers  
There were the categories of flower arrangement or flower design. I was surprized in the unique style in USA that was very differnt from Japan.
  They have a category of flower corsage.
It was just in California, so many corsage using Cymbidium flowers intead of Cattleya in Japan.
Cym. Green  Glass 'Highland' AM/AOS  Cym. Alexanderra's Flame 'Pink Immpression'
Cym. Pinata Magic 'Polka Magic'  
 Cym. Geno's Gem 'Catcher' Cym. Greek Goddess 'WOW'
 Cym. Genos Gem 'Short Stop'  Cym. DRama Queen '#1'
This was a exhibition of Cut flowers of Cymbidium, All flowers exhibited were very high quality and were ribbon awarded. Furthermore, they awarded 2 of trophies. Cym. Cabaret 'Cream Puff' S/CSA, AM/AOS 
 Cym. Tower of Fire 'Anya'  Colm. Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots'
 Z. Kiwi Korker 'Kutie' AM/AOS  C. walkeriana 'FM Orchids'
 (Slc. Katherine Clarkson x Blc. Suncoast Sunspots) 'Sunset Valley Orchids' AM/AOS 83pts 
 Paph. Macabre 'Pops'  Paph. Golden Jubilee 'Royale Flush' HCC/AOS, S/CSA
 Paph.(Awasubihs Firewood x Ruby Voodoo)
'Monsoon Fire Gem'
 Paph.(Awasubihs Firewood x Ruby Voodoo)
 Paph. moquetianum B/CSA  Paph.(Sunshine Coast x Gege Hughes)
 Paph.(Kool Dude x Jared's Choice)  Paph. (Jared Pierre x Thunder Eagle)
  Paphiopedilums exhibited by Orchid Royal
Paph. Fantastic World 'Monsoon Cloudburst' HCC/AOS  Paph. Lefty Kei 'Monsoon Goddess' FCC/AOS
 Paph. Fantastic World 'Monsoon Cloudburst' HCC/AOS  Paph. villosum
 Paph.(Hsinying Pitch x Hsinying Dewey)
'Monsoon Perfect Pitch) B/CSA
 Paph.(Shin-Yi Pulsar x sukhakulii)
Paph. Spring Wolf   Paph.(Jack Straw x Lippenwunder)
 Paph. micranthum 'Huntington's Cotton Candy' AM/AOS  Paph. dyanum
Phrag. Tall Tails   Phrag. Tall Tails 
 Masd. princeps A group of Paph. rothschildianum exhibited by The Orchid Zone.

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