Santa Barbara International Orchid Show 2015

Sales area and Vendors
The sales booth of Carmela Orchids.  The sales booth of Warter Orchids from Taiwan.
The sales booth of  Ecuagenera from Ecuado The sales booth of カタイ・オーキッド(タイ)の販売ブース 
 The sales booth of Zuma Canyon Orchids, one of nurserys of long standing for the specialist of Phalenopsis breeding.
In this show, almost sales booths sold a great deal. They told that US economy was going to recover. Until the final day, all flowers of Zuma Canyon sales booth were sold out. I have never seen such sales in orchid show before.
 The sales booth of G&S(Gallup&Stribling) This nursery was one of the best-known collection of Paphiopedilums but was well-known as Cymbidium breeder now. In this nursery's booth, the plants on sales table were gone in the last day for sale.
Lt looks almost of all customers in sales hall were holding some orchid poted plants. I felt a big spending power.
The lady (right photo, center) was holding a big pot of Phragmipedium bought from Orchid Zone.
In the sales booth of Hatfield Orchids whose owner is the president of this show, Mr. George Hatfield, a lot of Cymbidiums were prepared for sale on table or by hanging, all plants were disappeared at all. Like this, in many sales booth, the situation that they did't have items for sale anymore has happen. I have never seen like this situation before.
  They were bringing back with many big size orchid's poted plants in a large cardboard box.
In california, Cymbidium of big size flower is very popular actualy.
  Andy's Orchids sold many kinds of species. Almost plants were smaller and were hanging on nets. At the start for sale, I saw so many plants hanging like a wall but in the final day, I could see path thriugh the nets because almost palnts were sold and the wall of plants was disappeared.
 The sales booth of The Orchid Zone. It looks the price was a little bit higher but almost of all orchids were sold out in the last day. Every customers know the quality of their products.
He had nothing to sale any more. He looks satisfied his sales.enough In this booth, they sale Bromeria different from orchids. In this show, they sale very big and rare plants different from in Japan. 
They had a lot of sales plants but all plants were sold out in the last day. Can you belive it? The customers had to bring the big plants back to home. I looks so hard.
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