The thoughts on
the Paphiopedilum

  In these days, We are experiencing a s boom of growing Paphiopedilums. Where and when it has took fire ? Sometimes, the beginners of growing orchids will begin to grow Paphiopedilums at the first. But I believe these strange phenomena would be the better stories for the Paph. fans like us. Because the more increasing of Paph. growers, the more increasing of knowing Paph and the more increasing of growing Paphs, It means.

 In the orchids around the world, the situation in Paphiopedilums have changed so much comparing before 10 or 20 years before. So, I want to propose the consideration about Paphiopedilums in future by the a veteran and the beginners now. Now, what is the difference between the past time and now in the situation of Paphs. (1) We can not export and import the jungle collected species by Washington treaty. (2) Many fans are going to make hybrids including species' self crossing or sibling crossing, the primary hybrids etc. And it is very east to get the seedlings considerably. (3) It is very easy to get the knowledge about the fundamental knowledge and information in the species' themselves and how to grow.

 When we consider about (1), you may feel it is getting more and more difficult to get the species. But in truth, It will be the opposite matter, I guess. Because, we are going to make many kinds of breeding of species to keep them. And in these case, we will use the selected better clones for breeding. The results will bring us the better flowers instead of the unknown clones collected in jungle. This is the big merit for Paph. fans like me. Don't believe the jungle collected clone is better than the artificial ones although some one says around you. In the quality of flower in species, the crossing by the better parents must be the better results in their flower comparing to the clones collected in jungle. Of course, the better clones that we should get from the artificial crossing must be carry the better results in the breeding of primary hybrids, novelties etc.

 Before, we did not have so many nice selected clones. So the limited rich persons could get almost of all the selected famous clones around the world. But now, the better clones will be produced day by day. It is very difficult to remember the new registered name and the clone name. Of course, we can not collect all of them even if you were the most rich in the world. Change the words, the selected clones before would be changed the normal one now, in near future and in future. Especially, the rare and valued clone like album form would be the common species by only one self crossing of them. If you would be still and keep the position, you will be flowed and left in the past situation soon. I want to you say here is the problems about your sense of values about Paphiopedilums. And this is not the value to grow any kinds of Paphs well by yourself. I want you to consider that you should consider the value by your own sense, that you should see the flowing of Paphs in the world and that you should consider your standpoint in the flow. It is not disgraceful to change your mind dependent on the difference of the situation. The world will flow so fast and so strong. If you stood still in the flow, it means you would be left in the history. If you walk in the same speed of the flow, you would be keep the same position in the flow. So if you wanted to be one of the top class, you would run faster than the flow as fast as possible ? Can you do that ?

 Change the subjects. In future, the main breeding of Paphiopedilum would be self crossing or sibling crossing of the selected species at the first of all. It means we have to keep the species in better genetical qualities. The better species will be used to make the better new hybrids and/or remake of the good hybrids. The flow will be bigger and gibber like a seismic sea wave and swallow the world. Then where is the seismic center in the world. In the history, the first was Europe and the second was USA. Considering the boom of Paphiopedilums, we were followed USA. Consider again, in these 10 or 20 years, a lot of the selected clones around the world were imported in JAPAN. We have the nice selected clones in truth. It is not over talk to say that Japan is the treasure house of Paphiopedilums. And also ,although sot so many, some breeder are making nice hybrids and selected a lot of the very nice clones already. It means we have the nice field that is cultivated and is fertilized. But in many cases, the good parents are sleeping in your green house, in truth. Why don' t you make hybrids by your self. Your plants are crying to be continued keeping their blood. It's you to support the Paph. world. But never breed without consideration about the parents and results. You have to make the hybrids that you could keep the high emotion for the results until the flower after a few years latter. On the other hand, you had better make the hybrids that other hobbyists want to grow. In order to succeed, we need the knowledge about the parents and the breeding. It is not so easy but is possible. Because in these days, we are so easy to get the information from anywhere. When I have started to grow Paphs, I could not get the book or the information for growing Paphs.

 When the hobbyists want to breed by himself, they will notice their own selected Paphs are not enough for breeding. Because almost of all hobbyist have a few of the selected clones only usually. It is very difficult to make hybrids enough, I mean, various kinds of or any kinds of hybrids, for the common hobbyists. Now considering around us, we have a very good chance. We will be able to cooperate with orchid friends each other in our societies and/or groups. Many friends may have various kinds of selected clones. This is the ideal situation for the Societies and Groups in orchids. In your society, some hobbyists would want to make hybrids using their Paphs, they had better discuss about the breeding. In the discussion, they will get the new knowledge about the species and/or breeding. Further more, you might get the new image or the new direction for breeding from the discussion. The discussion will make the level of knowledge higher. In truth, these situation would be the ideal one of my Paphiopedilum world. For the ideal world, I have preparing for a long time in truth. And I want to continue to do in future too. The first small group of Paphiopedilum lovers will make small earth quake , want to make it larger in Japan and in the world. In future, the seismic center in Japan would make a seismic sea wave and swallow the world..... I expect so , if possible while I were alive.

・・・・・I might be seeing it in a dream, in warm autumn weather・・・・

                                  The End.

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