Orchid Friends in JAPAN

In this site, many orchid friends in JAPAN will be introduced with their orchids, especialy Paphs and mail address, if possible. Please contact them directly and be a good friends each other. I expect this site will be the center to make nice friends throught orchids in the world.

Please click the Number whose you want to visit directly. When you visit here for the first time, I advice you to visit the site from the No.1 step by step.


Mr. Akihiko Oyama ( Hokkaido)
Mr. A ( Hyogo-Ken ) 000522


Mr. Shigeyoshi Tsuyuki (Tokyo)
Mr. Shigeo Eguchi (Osaka) 000322


Mr. Tatsumi Narita (Tochigi-Ken)
Mr. Satoru Fujii (Hyogo-Ken)  000322


Mr. Hiroshi Nakatsuka (Ibaraki-Ken)
Mr. Tomohiro Minami (Kagoshima-Ken)


Mr. Hidehiko Yasutomi ( Tokushima-Ken )


Mr. Atsushi Okuda ( Hokkaido )

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