Orchid Friends in JAPAN (NO.4)

(4)Mr. Tatsumi Narita

3619, Ohtsuka-Cho,Tochigi-Shi, Tochigi-Ken
Utsunomiya Orchid Society, All Japan Orchid Society
26m2 and 28m2 of steel and plastic film house
e-メール : naritatatumi@email.msn.com

About 30 years before, I have moved from Tokyo to here, Tochigi where is very local city and filled with nice green. In truth, I play go stone. About 8 years before, I have begun to grow orchids and going to grow Paphiopedilum by being indebted a friend of mine who play go too. Now, my green house occupied by Paphiopedilum. I have two green house, one is for lower temp and another for higher temp.

Paph. Clair de Lune
  ' Edga van Velle '

This plant grow well in my green house. Last year, 5 flowers bloomed. But in this year, only 3 flowers.

Paph. lowii

In summer, Not so many flowers of Paph. we can see. Now, this flower of Paph. lowii appeal his own in my green house.

Paph. Miracle 'Victory' AM/AOS

This flower id very well known and registered so long before. But in these days, it is not so often to see this flower. This plant grows very well and the flowers delight my eye every year.

Paph. Yadorigi 'Maki-Chan' HCC/AJOS

 This plants is original selected and awarded plant and the division was gifted by Dr. Tanaka. For a while, it was not so healthy but now is very vigorous and the flower is very nice. This is one of my proud flower.

(5) Mr. Satoru Fujii

2-8-1, Kita-shinzaike, Himeji-Shi, Hyogo-Ken
Growing Orchid for 5 years and Growing Paph. 5 years too.
e-mail: lulu@pop11.odn.ne.jp
  I've been growing orchids for about 5 years, which is the same history for growing Paphs. When I visited Thailand 7 years ago, it was the first time to see Paphs at the flea market, which impressed me very much. The number of my Paph.collections is about 200 and that of seedlings is about 300. But I've never counted them actually. My greenhouse stands on the hillside, where we can see the Himeji Castle. The size of my greenhouse is about 2.5 square meters. It's a very small one. To tell the truth, I wanted to build it in the garden facing the south, but my wife was against me. And so I was forced to build it in the small back yard. I'm interested in growing seedlings more than collecting growths.


I want to introduce my Paph. amabile whose color is so distinctive. This flower has come out from the seedlings in flask.


Paph. sukhakulii

This flower of Paph. sukhakulii is very nice one , I believe. NS is14 cm and PW is 2.9 cm. This is the first flower from a seedling and I expected much better flower next.

Paph. sp (not identified).  one of the spasopetalum and similar to Paph. tortipetalum.

NS11.5cm, DW4.4cm, DL 5.0cm, PW 2.2cm, stem 48cm。 
I found this plant among Paph.tonsum var.cupreum in the orchid nursery in Himeji. As soon as I saw it, I noticed that it was completely different from the other tonsums. You can see that the dots of the both petals is similar to those of tonsum, but the shape and color of the upper dorsal is similar to those of appletonianum or bullenianum. But it's larger than them. I think it's a natural hybrid of bullenianum and celebesensis. If it's a new comer, I'll be much excited.(See Q & A in detail, but it is in Japanese only

The seedlings imported were flowering now. As I took the photos of the selected ones from them about the shape and color. Paph. tonsum was imported from Australia and Paph. schoserii came from ISA. The both flower are usual size of flower but I like and recognize the color and shape is better than usual one.(Upper 2 Photos )990614

Paph. hirsutissimum

This hirsutissimum ( NS : 15cm ) is one of my favorites. It's not superior to hirsutissimum 'Taka'(NS:18cms). But this hirsutissimum stretch out his petals straightly.

Paph. curtisii

Paph. hookerae

Paph. dayanum

Paph. wardii

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