Orchid Friends in JAPAN (NO.5)

(6)Mr. Shigeyoshi Tsuyuki

Yamazaki-Cho, Machida-Shi, Tokyo 
Growing orchids for 18 years and growing Paph for 3 years
Greenhouse : Remaking Sun room on a veranda to a green house, 3.3 m2 and glass cases in room
e-mail: stsuyuki@da2.so-net.ne.jp:
It takes ablut 18 years after I gotten Paph. concolor for the first Growing Paph. The photo of Paph. concolor is in my HP. But I could not grow orchids for 10 years for my job. When I bigan to grow orchids again, I was in love with Paphs. Especialy, I love Brachypetalum.

(Conco-bellatulum `Linda'
× Greyi `Airborn' )

I think this flower is better and I like this. But the light petal is not oppend enough and I took the photo from the left side. NS is 73 mm. This plant is the same hybrids as the one of Mr. Pkuda's in No.2 hall originaly. Also, this flower is the first blooming.
Please visit my web site , Wellcome to the HP in Orchids and for the orlder, if you have a chance.

(7) Mr. Shigeo Eguchi (Osaka)

e-mail : shally@osk3.3web.ne.jp

Paph. ( conco-bellatulum x delenatii )
'Shally ' 76.8 pts/OPG

Comment(from Tanaka):This flower was selected from the seedlings of my own breeding. Although not so many selected clones from the similar crosses, this is one of the best clone with huge and good shape flower.

Paph. godefroyae 'Shally ' 77.4 pts/OPG

This flower is very good shape and huge. One of the best selected clone in these days.

Paph. conco-bellatulum 'Shally '

This flower was awarded 1st prize in a popularity vote at the monthly meeting by Kansai Paph. Asociation in Sept. 1998. I guess, it is very difficult to identify the true size from this photo. This flower is very big one, NS 83 mm, PW 43 mm.I love it and I never get weary of looking at this flower. Do you know the color of milky pale yellow. It's good.

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