Orchid Friends in JAPAN (NO.6)

(8)Mr. Akihiko Oyama ( Hokkaido, Sapporo)

e-mail: cool-mk@mb.infosnow.ne.jp

I'm growing many kinds of orchids. So I don't have so many Paphiopedilum in my collection. They are about 60, I guess. I'll introduce some of them , here.

Paph. charlesworthii

This is the best one of my Paph. charlesworthii. I expect the color of dosal sepal would be darker. But I like the good shape.

Paph. armeniacum
' Sapporo 3' HCC/AJOS

This clone was awarded in AJOS Orchid Show in Odakyu. The size of N.S. is over 10 cm . But the shape of petal will be twisted. There are no tiny spotts on the basal area of petal at all.

Paph. armeniacum

I love Paph. armeniacum . This clone is one of my favorites. The N.S. is also over 10 cm. But the color is slightly pale, I guess.

Paph. barbigerum

I have only 2 plants. I love the smaller Paph like this.

Paph.emersonii 'Sapporo'

I loke this species , too. It does not grow well and not flower every year. But in my greenhouse, they grow better, I guess. I think that the temperature would be fit for this species. The size is not so huge. N.S. is 10.5 cm. I like this because the shape is better.

(10)Mr. A ( Hyogo-Pre. ) 

  I grow orchids in an apartment not in green house. I grow many Paphs but there are other orchids in the same area. It is about 10 years after I begin to grow them. But when we experienced the Hanshin Earthquake, Paph, bellatulum was crashed and gave shock to me. So, I disappointed to grow them in the unsuitable condition like inside of our apartment. Because I felt they were so miserable. But I continue to grow Cats., Onc., Paphs like malioense, chamberainianum and Armeni White that they bloomed well.
 An opportunity has come suddenly. In this year, Paph. armeniacum has bloomed after 9 year's sleep. And when I visited Kobe International Orchid Show, I got Lyc. Furthermore, my wife coax me to buy Paph. rothschildianum. And she bought a pair of young seedlings of Paph. rothschildianum and sanderianum and Paph. delenatii that we have lost a long time ago.Like this, we went into the Paph. world
heart and soul again.
 In truth, I don't have confidence in growing orchids. So I wished to remain anonymous. When I have confidence to grow well, I want to join you in order to exchange information about Paphs.

 In these days, I have prepared new style of racks and make them several layers. I look myself that I began to be the true armature of growing orchids.
 As I grow them in my room, it is very convenient to care them with observation and watering even it it is at midnight. And it is very easy to keep the room in the higher temperature because we stayed up late at night.
It might be a fault , isn't it ? But in this five years, I have not gotten good results in growing them. I guess, I did not water enough for Paphs. Now, I changed my mind and water enough, I believe , for my Paphs.

 Paph. Armeni White

NS of this flower is 7.8 cm. I have bought this seedling about 8 years before, it was expensive. It is not so huge because whose parents, Paph. delenatii was not the new type. But it grows and blooms well. I love it.

In these days, Paph. Vanda M. Pearman bloomed and introduce it to you. I love this flower but NS is only 6.5 cm. It is so small. I have gotten this plant about 10 years before as matured plant with flower. But after the year, the flower was damaged. In this year, the first flower was OK but the second one whose photo is latter is damaged as you see.
Every year, I have seed the damaged flower. As I have hard it was dependent on fertilizer, I feed less from last year. It might be better because the first flower was normal one. I'll try to bloom better next year.

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