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Orchid Friends in JAPAN (NO.3)

i3jMr. Hiroshi Nakatsuka

Ohdo, Ibaraki-Machi, Higashi Ibaraki-Gun,Ibaraki-Ken
Mito Gareden Orchid Association
Experience of growing orchids : T years
Wardean Case
HP: My Orchids

Paph. chamberlainianum

Mix compost in plastic pot. LS:50cmBMin. temp is PR in winter. This plant has flowers whole year because new buds oppen one by one.

Paph. kolopakingii

LS:130cm. Min. Temperature is 18 . It takes 3 years to open flower after getting this plant. 8 flowers on one stem. I have surprised so big.

Paph. purpuratum

LS:24cm. This plant is growing in sphagnam moss in selamic pot. I don't grow this plant in greenhouse but in living room. It has 2 flowers every year. I love it's dosal sepol warped behind.

I'll invite you to The Paphs Show of The Tokugawa that is open in Mito Botanical Gardens

Only 2 paphs were exhibited by the Tokugawa. Both are nice white Paphs and I was fascinated by the beauty. And the phtoes that were registrated to RHS by the Tokugawa. In this show , a lot of Paphs were exhibited and filled the hall by Mochizuki Orchids Nursery and Mukougaoka play land.

Paph. Meadow Sweet Pulity AM/RHSGMM@

In 1957, this plant was registrated. This flower is the ideal shape that baron Kuniaki Tokugawa bilieved.@

Paph. Mayumi 'Tokugawa'

In 1968, this paph was registrated to RHS. The name after Mt. Mayumi in Ohota-Shi, Hitachi.

(4) Mr. Tomohiro Minami , 29 years old

4945-13 hosoyamada, kushira-cho,kannzoku-Gun, Kagoshima-Ken
Experience of growing orchids : 8 years
Experience of growing Paphs : 8 years
I have studyed cell culture of Phalenopsis when I was a student, 4 or 5 years before. In my lab, I have a friend who grow Paphiopedilu and I was going to be interested in Paph. I 'm growing this plant, Paph. concolor for 8 years. This is the first Paph that I have bought in gardening center when I was a student.


mrG5.6~6.6AcrG3.8~3.4Akr2.3~2.9AoG3.3~4.8AkG4.2~1.6cm. NS is not so huge because the petal developing forward. The high of plant is Vcm and the length of stem is Rcm. I fell it is not so big compareing to Paph. concolor in China, although I have seen it in Photo only. But I love this plant because I 'm growing for so long . This plant make me to begin growing Paph. But I don't have so much money and I can not buy enough. So I buy young plants like seedling that are inexpensive. It will take about 4 or 5 years to flower. And I grow them in 4 m2 grennhouse of plastic film. In the green house, there are about 50 plants in 1 or 2 inch pot. Now I'm very interested in Brachypetalum and Pervisepalum species and their hybrids.

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