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Orchid Friends in JAPAN (NO.2)

i2jMr. Hidehiko Yasutomi@ Tokushima-Ken

@@@@e-mail address@ Hidehiko_Yasutomi@justsystem.co.jp

Paph. conco-bellatulum
'Sonose' HCC/JOS 75 pts.

NS. 7.9 cm, DS 5.6 cmBI ahve only one year experience growing paphiopedilum. I have entried this plant to AOS judging at the first time. This is my commemorative flower.@Although this flower is not enough in the shape and colr but it was awarded . I'm so happy.I bought this plants in the last March and grew in the worse condition by the biginner like me. But she brings devotion to me by award. I grow this plants in the a shallow pot introduced by you in this home page. But I could not find out the round bottom one.

Prince Edward of York
( roethschildianum ' Maki's Treasure' x sanderianum 'Maki' )
Almost of all seeedlings are growing well in the smilar cindition. About this hybrids, the nallow leaves are changing to the wider ones now. LS is about 15~20 cm.

Vanda M. Pearman ( bellatulum 'Maki's Mint' x delenatii ' Maki's Treasure ' ) @This plant is the biggest one in this hybrids. I have a few of the similar size. the LS is about 20cm. I hope some of them will be awarded in future. When I sprayed EM bacteria, their leaves have turn to white and gooen a big damege. Now, it recovered.
In these days, many clones have awarded here and there from my hybrids although the plants were not matured and the flower were first ones. From your plants, you might be get the awarded class's flower. You may expect. ( Tanaka ).
Deli Saint
( St. Swithin 'Maki' HCC / AJOS x delenatii ' Maki's Dream ' )
I have only one plant whose leaves are a striped pattern. I care this plant especialy. But it grows slower than other sistera and brothers.


This is the plant that I asked you about the shoot when it was younger. As I hard from you, it looks much better in this photo after it was repotted.

Small seedlings. It looks their own individuality day by day.
Lynleigh Koopowitz ( dlenatii ' Princes Maki' x malipoense 'Niisato')
Blanchette ( Psyche 'Happy Maki ' x niveum 'Maki's Happiness' ) ȂǁB

I'm very happy to hear and to see that some person take good care of my hybrids like this. I 'll continue to make hybrids in order to share the delight and to enjoy new hybrids and seedlings. Thank you. ( Toshi Tnaka )

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