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Orchid Friends in JAPAN (NO.1)

In this page, I want to introduce orchid friends who grow and/or love Paphs in Japan. I want friends who can send Paphots of not only Paphs but also yourself and greenhouse to contribute in this page. I'm waiting your contribution of growing Paphs on windowsill also.

iPjMr. Atsushi Okuda@ Hokkaido

Hokkaido, @No Society Member.@
Experience of growing orchids : 21 years
Paphiopedilum growing : 7 years ( after being enthusiastic)
The first Paphiopedilum of my having grown is Paph. insigne sanderae of 300 yen when I was 12 years old.

@As I don't have my own greenhouse, I'm growing about 180 pots of Paphs containing young plants, about 70% of them are Brachypetalum, in 2 of Green Boxes in my living room. In this cases, Paphs are fllowing out. So I grow other Paphs and orchids in the Greenhouse of my working place. As I live in an official residence, the space is not enough for me and orchids. I use almost of all windowsill. For the growing, I beware of growing them in direct sun shine because Hokkaido is northest in Japan and the sun shine is not enough, making stronger fan for them , prepareing compost which is easy to dry and spraying plants so offen. The temperature in the cases is from 13 C to 30 C. I take care that it should be bellow 20 C at night. In Hokkaido, it will be bellow - 30 C outside in winter. But in the living room, it is warm enough. And it will be cool enough in Summer, too. So we can grow Paphs easier than you think.

Paph. ang thong album bloomed In this season.I like the flower whose staminode is green.

Paph. ang thong album. I grow this plants fron a seedling in flask. NS of this flower is about 6 cm.

Paph.iang-thong album `Pitsanuloke' ~ concolor album `Yen' AM/RSTjis the first flower that I bought in flask 3 years before. Paph. concolor in Yun Nan, China.

The first flower pf Paph. iBella Lucia ~ ang-thong album j Paph. Leucochillum. I like the marking of dosal sepal.

Paph. Pixie Dust that bloomed last year. In this season, the flower was not enough for me.@


Thia is the first flower that have bloomed on the 16th, Jan. NS 7.0 cmAWidth of Petal 3.5cm, Width of Dosal sepal 3.5cm. This is not so big but@development is all right and I like the shape. I love the color and the shape similat to Paph. Greyi.

Denehurst ' Surprise' AM/RHS

NS 13.5cm, Width of Peta5.0cm, Width of Dosal Sepal 9.0cm. Very old selected and wellknown clone. The shape might not be enough comparing to the selected clones in these days. But I love the developement of Dosal and ventral sepal that is beautiful as the back grand of the pouch. I want to use this clone as the parents for new hybrids.

Deception II

NS 10.1cm, Width of Peatal 4.8cm . It is good size, I guess. It may be no good for petal to develope unbalance so that we see it not so big.

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