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Paphiopedilum in Viet Nam

In these days, it is very interested in Paphiopedilums in Viet Nam, because some new species have discovered after Paph. delenatii have re-discovered. Especially, some gardener in Ha Noi and specialist in German are going to explore the area near the border between China and Viet Nam. I am concerned to some project in Viet Nam and visit often. So, it is very easy to get the new information about Paphiopedilums in Viet Nam. I'll report the information of the latest in Viet Nam on this page. Don't misunderstand that I don't bring back Paphs prohibited to export by Washington Treaty. In truth, in Ha Noi, they are going to make flasks of Paphiopedilums in Viet Nam and export in the world in near future. I'll be waiting them. In near future, you can get the seedlings in flask of rare Paph. like Paph. delenatii and new Paphs like Paph. helenae and hiepii exported officially. We had better to wait the flasks imported officially.

Please cooperate with rejecting the illegal Paphs.


Paphiopedilums in Viet Nam


Institutions and customs


Gardeners in Viet Nam


Orchids Exhibition in Viet Nam



The Report of Paph. investigation in the North Mountain Area


In the north area of Viet Nam,
a village of the border to China,
Visiting Reports 99/01/25


I have been in Viet Nam in this new year. As I have many photo in this trip, I'll put them in this site. But it may take so long time, I'll start to open step by step.     98/01/23

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