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Orchid Exhibitions in Ho Chi Minh City

In Viet Nam, they don't have a society specialized in orchids yet. But they have the big society for hobbyists in orchids, fishes, birds, dancing etc. The members are over 2000, I hard. Some members in this society and love orchids exhibit orchids in the open area in Ho Chi Minh city every month. They like hybrids of Cat and Vanda. But it is very difficult to grow Cat hybrids in good condition, I hard. Because the temperature is too high.

They are talking about their own flowers, proudly. Vanda exhibited are hybrids imported from Thailand.

U...m, this flower should be good.

They love Cat hybrids. When they are grown well, it is the proud of them

The New Year Orchid Exhibition

The new year orchid exhibition will be held from the 1st, Jan. every year. This is the 4th tome in '98. There are about 400~500 members who love orchids in Ho Chi Minh city, I hard. About 200 bring their orchids for the show. The show is held in the garden of Yen that I have introduced before. A new year is in the mid winter in Japan but is mid summer in Ho Chi Minh. The show is in open area under strong sunshine. Yen donates all of the expenses for this show. Judging selects nice flowers in 8 categories for Ribbon. For blue ribbon, the prize is $ 100 US.

I visited the show on the end of Dec. 97'. The were preparing the exhibition. As I had to go back to Ha Noi in the same day, I could not attend the show on the opening in the next day. I'm sorry.... But it should be good because I could see Mrs Yen, beautiful lady.

In Viet Nam, there are many kinds of orchids. But the hobbyist in Ho Chi Minh city love hybrids. Under the tropical strong sunshine, the colorful and bigger flowers should be better.

Mrs. Yen is younger than I expected. She is charming.... I want to see you again. I must come back in near future.

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