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The Report of
Paphiopedilum investigation
in the North Mountain Area,
Viet Nam.

@In August, 1998, the members of Paphiopedilum investigation in JAVECO have been in the mountains in the north-east area, Viet Nam and investigated the native Paphiopedilums. It will take much longer time to report in detail but I'll make a summary report of the investigation from the information that I have received from them recently. Of course, These information have come from the members of JAVECO and I have never been there.

A Village near the border to China. This village belong to the mountains, a wide road pass through in the village and many peoples and goods. But by the side of village, the steep mountains rise. In the mountains, there are orchids.... !!!

The mountain people are living along the foot of and/or between mountains and the hillside is terraced with rice. Their house is very similar to one in south china. they have 2 floors and they care domestic animals in the first floor.

The mountains in the north-east area , Viet Nam. It will be about 20 Km to the border between China and Viet Nam. The tops of mountains stand side by side, you can see in this photo.@ I'm sorry , I can not tell the name of the mountains and the village around. The mountains are about 1000 m height above sea level, I hard. And in the mountains, they have lakes as you can see in this photo.

Near the village, we see the tops of mountains like a wave. In the mountains, we will be able to find Paphiopedilums. It looks like easily to climb them but it is very difficult in truth. Because there is no trace and the cliff is very steep.

The mountain people who take members in the mountains. We say he is a orchids' hunter. He will climb mountains and looks for orchids after order from Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh city. But he does not know about orchids so well. For instance, they did not know Paphiopedilum is one of orchids. He goes into the mountains opening a path and cutting bush with a big knife in his right hand. @JAVECO members who live in Ha Noi can not do that like him, they said.

The field have open just beside mountains. But it is much more difficult to climb the mountains than we expect. A steep cliff of lime stone. On the lower part of the cliff, we can see Paphs sometimes.

They are going into mountains with a guide. The members who live in Ha Noi are town people, we say. They were done in so easily.

How high ? They climbed this mountain so high. To the north, we can see the many mountains side by side. Just 20 km far from here, we see the mountains in China.

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