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Institutions and customs
in Viet Nam

iPjHa Noi

In Ha Noi international airport, Noi Bai Airport, they are using the Japanese used bus for sending customers. In truth, the bus has come from Kobe city where is my hometown.

you know, Viet Nam is filled to overflowing by motor bicycles. Almost of all motorbikes are Honda Cub. Because the motorbike is durable consumer goods and is property. They don't like other motorbike because it should be not property. The motorbike run along the road more important looking than car.

The house in town like Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city does not have garden. They build a 3 or 4 floors' of building full in the full ground. As the don't have garden, they make a balcony for each floor and are growing trees and flowers. The contrast of white wall and colorful flowers suits in tropical. We, as a general people, are deeply moved by the beautiful landscape in the town.

Inside of the town, almost of all houses are a brick built .As the road is not paved, it will be a muddy place in rainy. Even if in Ha Noi, it is much more convenient to use cow for carring than a truck. Cow walk slowly , feel easitily if caw run through her.

Honda Cub is carrying a mountains of cabbage. As you can see, they don't care our car's coming up behind. Some fruit in Viet Nam. They say apple i n Viet Nam. When I eat it, I feel the taste is similar to apple. But seed is only one inside. I don't know what this fruit this is. Blue cherry or one of apricot.@

Speak briefly, breads in Viet Nam are cheap and very good taste. As Viet Nam was a colony, the technique of baking bread was passed on from French. Prices is about 10~ 15 C. When I visit Viet Nam, I never forget to eat the bread. It is true ... !

In park, pot's plant and flowers are sold. Sometimes we can see orchids selling. Almost of all the selling orchids are Dendrobium Phalenopsis. Out of town, we can find very interesting stores easily. They sell many kinds of materials. Two adjacent shops sells the same things. No competition ?

The west Lake located in the north of Ha Noi city is one of the biggest leisure area. It is the same thing in any countries to enjoy in a sightseeing boat and boating.

Young couples like boating in this lake. @Shrill voices from them came across the lake to me. Its make me so envious.

by the lake, They have a residential area where luxurious European style houses are clustered. It is like a fairy-tale world. In the blue sky, the white wall and red roof is very beautiful.

iQjHo Chi Minh ( Saigon )

As Viet Nam was a colony of France, their culture is European. One of them appears in flowers in their life. They have a lot of flower shops anywhere and sell many kinds and high quality of flowers.

Dragon fruit is well known in Viet Nam. This is a fruit of some kind of cactus. It is very expensive fruit but I don't like so well. They have a many kinds of tropical fruits, Ranpootan, Mango@etc.@Theare very sweetI I love them.

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