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In the north area of Viet Nam,
a village of the border to China,
Visiting Reports

In Jan., 1999, the research members of JAVECO have visited the village of the border to china. In truth, they are interested in the information about their producing flowers. It does not always mean ' Orchids ' . I 'll introduce some of photo that they send me when they visited there. ( Of course I have never been there. )

The border to chine from Viet Nam.
The person who live in the village is not Chinese and Vietnamees. They have their own culture specially. The clothes are different from the others.
A very nice, silent appearance of village in the mountains.
In this village, many inhabitants@like growing orchids that are collected from mountains, mainly some Cymbidium. It is very easy to see many kinds of Cymbidium in their garden.
There are some specialists in the village. They have the special growing area of orchids, Cymbidium mainly. There are not so rare plants. But they take good care of them. We feel they enjoy their own life in mountains.
And some one sell orchids to the growers in Ho Chi Mihn City and Ha Noi. Because in these days, the peoples in big town in Viet Nam like growing Cymbidium. They don't know about the orchids in detail but they know well where they grow , how to grow and what is the difference between the normal plants and specific ones like album. But unfortunately, almost growers don't have Paphs.

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