How to make Paphs' hybrids and How to seed asepticaly

At the beginning

 When we seed Paphiopedilum, it is very difficult to get young plants , We say. Insome case, the seed don't germinate and in another casce, the young plants are not so many even if the germination was succeeded. From the experiments of many parsons like this, Paphiopedilum's seedling asepticaly is one of the most difficult procedure in orchids', we say.
 Some one says, the reason of difficulty in their germnation is some control materials on their seeds. So in order to avoid this materials, many seeds in their unmatured. But exactly, some of deta in some species shows the phenomenon, it is not always in all cases of Paphiopedilums' seedling from my experience. For example, in case of complex hybrids, we can get much more young seedlings from the matured seeds than un matured seeds. For the other hand, when we observe the embryo in their seeds by a microscope、it is very easy to indentify that there are not so many the matured and grown embryo in their seeds and almost of all seeds don't have the matured embryo in Paphiopedilum. In case od Phalenopusis and Cat, it will be similar to Paphiopedilum that I mentiuoned. But their unmatured embryo will grow well in artificial culture in flasks. The unmatured embryo of Pahiopedilum will not be able to grow in flasks. This phenomenon will bring the clear results that we are talking about Paphiopedilum. you know. The problems in Paphiopedilum seedling is only the low rate to germinate bacause they don't have so many seeds to be matured and germinate and the seedlings will grow well as well as other orchids' seedlings.
 Further more, the results, the rate of seedling will not be dependent on the technique for flasking but on the parentations of the hybrids basicaly, I believe. Form my experience, in case of species' self closs and sibling closs, primaly hybrids, it will be easy to get many young plants from the seeds. But in Novelty using primaly hybrids , it will be so difficult to get many. It will be dependent on the parents exactly. In many cases of primaly hybrids, reproductive plants that we can use as a parents will be few. Try by sourself and you will understand that I mentioned here.


At the biggining ( Seeabove )

1.The purpose of making hybrids

2.The structure of flower and how to make hybrid

3.The period for maturity

4.Sterilized Seedling and flasking

1)Arrangements   2)Preparation of medium

3)Sterilized Seedling and flasking

 (A)Seedling for unbroken seed pod

 (B)Seedling for broken seed pod

4)How to care the flask

5.Transfer to the nutrient medium
1)Arrangements  2)How to transfer  
3)How to care the flask

6.How to deflask and how to grow the younf plants.
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Easy Seedling Procedures using Paper Material

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