(B)The plating of seeds from the bursted pod

(1)Open the bursted pod on the aluminum] foil or on the clean paper and get seeds as much as possible.
(2)Transfer the seeds into a sterile glass tube as above.
(3)Put about 5 ml of Chlorine solution for sterilizing the seeds.
 The chlorine solution will be made by dilution by sterile water to be 0.2 ~ 0.4 % of active choline concentration. The original solution might be unreliable for the active concentration because chlorine will be vaporized easily. You have to check the limited date on the bottle of the original solution when you get.You have to make the fresh solution for each sterilizing for other days.

(4)Covered with aluminum foil on the glass tube, put your finger on it and shake strongly up and down for about 3 min.
(5)Leaving it for about 3 min, the good seeds will be sinked on the bottom of tube.
(6)Take off water with sterile pipette using rubber nipple. Take off the floating seeds in this time. These seeds will not enough to grow and not to germinate.
(7)Put water again about 5 ~ 10 ml of distilled sterile water.
You have to finish the sterilizing and washing procedures mentioned above in 7 ~ 10 min. Because when it was longer, the seeds would be died. And when it was shooter, the sterilizing would not be enough. In order to wash Choline enough, you had better wash at least twice.

(8)When you wash seeds finally, you keep water about 1 ml with seeds.
(9)Take seeds with water by pipette perfectly.
(10)Plate them on the agar in flask.
(11)In the final washing, you may throw out water not to leave and plate seed by the sterile spoon on agar.
Anyway you keep seeds wholly on the agar.

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