3.The period for maturing the seed pod.

After making cross, the seed pod of the female flower will be grow larger and harder. When you seed the un-bursting pod, it will be about from 6 ~ 8 months for matureing. The best period is the time when the color of pod will be changed pale. If the pod would be older, about 10 months, the color of pods will be changed to brown from the top of pod and will burst. For the pods just before burst, we have to seed by another way for bursting seeds.It will be troublesome especially for the biginners, you had better plate the seeds in un-bursting pod. But you have to care about the period for maturing, in truth. Because the period for matureing would be dependent on the climate where the mother plant was growing. In many cases, the mother plants will be passed in the summer , too hot. In the unsuitable condition, the period for maturing should be shorter of course it is not enough and burst soon. In the best condition like under cooler summer, the seed maight be matured after one month. In this case, we will be able to get much more seedling than we expect usualy.


4.The sterilized plating

1)The preparing materials


flask(300〜500ml)、rubber plug (making a whole about 3〜5mm diameter and stick cotten harder into the whole).




Aluminum foil, filter paper, disposable cutter knife, tweezers, stenless spoon, platinum stick, destiled water, pippet(1〜5ml), rubber nipple.

Destiled Tools

beaker(100〜250ml), chlorine solution (valid density over 5 %,like Purax, 75% Ethanol.Others: Autoclave, Clean Bench 8 Clean Box ).
NOTE; Filter paper, disposable cutter knife, tweezers, stenless spoon will be wraped by Aluminum] foil and should be autoclaved. For the sterile distilled water will be preppared in a small grass bottle and should be autoclaved. But dont forget to loose the cap. Because if you close the cap tightly, the grass will be exploded.




Hyponex(N:P:K=6:6:15)    2.5g    2.5g    2.5g
Sugar ( Sucrose )    10g    20g    20g
honey    15g    ---    ---
Banana's juice    ---    ---    30g
agar    8~10g    8~10g    8~10g
distilled water (pH5.5~6.0)    1 L    1 L    1 L

2)Prepareing the medium

Hyponex, sugar, honey and Banana7s juice will be desplved 8 see above ) in about 800 ml of distilled water and be ajust th pH using pH meter or pH test paper. When the solution would be lower , put NaOH or KOH and to bring up pH to be 5.5 ~ 6.0. Or i case of the pH of the solution highler, put NaCl and bring down th pH to be 5.5 ~ 6.0. In case you use the water of well, you don't need pH adjustment but if you use the tap water or destilled water, you will be adjust pH. Then, you add agar to the solution. I said the agar should be 0.8~1.0 % above. But for the gibinners, you ahd better use less volume of agar not to break the agar. Finaly, you put water until the total volume should be 1 L.

The solution shuld be into the hot water with mixing well, the color will be clear. After dissolved well, you sprit the solution for each flasks whose depth of solution should be 1.5~2.0 cm and rubber pluged. The rubber should be coverd with aluminum] foil. The flasks will be autoclaved at 121 ℃ for about 20 min. If you don't have the autoclave machine, you may use a pressure cooker. After autoclaved, you put the flasks on the flat desk and wait util agar would be hard. Never move them until it's harden. If it brake brfore harden, it never re-harden.

3)Tontinue to plating