The Newly discovered Paphiopedilum NO. 5

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@Paph. huonglanae

In these days, the newly discoverd Paph. huonglanae from Viet Nam is the topics, you know ? Now I have received the detail and report for you. At the first time, we have hard this species might be the natural hybrids between Paph. emersonii and delenatii. But this record was published on a magazine in Viet Nam. So nobody could not understand and not get the information in detail. The records were 2 times, in March and April, 1998.

The photo of right was the cover page of the magazine in Viet Nam fHOA CANH f, March,1998.

Mr. Nguyen Thien Tien , Ho Chi Mihn Unversity, published the new species from Viet Nam as Paph. huonglanae after the flagrance and her daughter's name. The left photo was the recored one on the magazine, March, 1998.

After the publish, he found the same flower recored as Paph. emersonii on Orchid Advocate by Koopowiz and Cribb. So he published again to rewrite the record in April, 1998. But he argued the plant is differnt from Paph. emersonii in China. Because the white color of Petal and sepal is deeper than Paph. emersonii in China and the color of pouch is darker and like orange. The plant is the variety of Paph. emersonii, he want to say and named the plant to Paph. emersonii var. huonglanae

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An Advance Announcement

In pubric soon@i The date uncertain )

Members of JAVECO in Viet Nam will go into the mountains to check Paphs around the border to China. It is very interesting to find out something new. I asked them to take a lot of Photos of the mountains anfd paphs. Please wait the results from them.

The report was released already, 19th, Aug.
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