The Newly discovered Paphiopedilum NO. 6

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 Paph. x grussianum

 A new natural hybrids, Paph. X grussianum was discovered in the Province Guangxi, China by Hu Song Hua and has recorded on the magazine, Die Orchidee, in Germany. The species name was in honour Dr. Olaf Guruss who is the specialist at Paphiopedilum. And this topcs was gifted from Olaf kindly. Thank you Olaf.

 This species is the antural hybrids between Paph. hirusutissimum v. esqurolei and Paph. parishii v. dianthum. The plant of this species is similar to Paph. dianthum. But seeing the flower in the upper photo, the flower is taken the middle position of the parents. The plant has 3 ~ 6 leaves per grows. The leaves are 20 ~ 25 cm long and 3 ~ 3.5 cm wide. The inflorescence usually bears one or 2 flowers which is up to 2o cm high. The flower is about 9 cm long and 7 cm wide. The staminode is triangular and is similar to one of Paph. dianthum.

An Advance Announcement

In pubric soon ( The date uncertain )

I have received new information about the natural hybrid between Paph. dianthum and other species. Please wait for a while until I will have the information in detail.

Members of JAVECO in Viet Nam will go into the mountains to check Paphs around the border to China. It is very interesting to find out something new. I asked them to take a lot of Photos of the mountains anfd paphs. Please wait the results from them.

The report was released already, 19th, Aug.
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