The Newly discovered Paphiopedilum NO. 7

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 Paph. anitum

I have received this new information about Paph. new species from a friend of mine in Germany, Mr. Olaf Gruss in Oct., 1998.

In the photo ( right ), we can not see only the part of lady who are holding plant. But we can identify how big of the plant anf flower easily, can't you ?
 This new speceis Paph. anitum has been discovered from the stream , south of Sungao, Mindanao Island, Philippine. The type specimine has discovered about 800 m from the sea level. This species is very similatr to Paph. adductum, don't you think so ? The people around the mountains know this species as Black Orchids. In truth, this species distribute from 220 m to 1000m hight. And thr plants arenot so rare and distibute as a planty of plants. This report was bay mr. A.S.Golamco Jr on Waiting Waiting Review. The upper left photo is Paph. anitum's flowerrs on stem. It will be very huge plant and flowers identified from the photo of the plant with a lady , upper light photo.

Paph. adductum

Paph. anitum

Paph. anitum

Paph. adductum
Plant height
leaf color

leaf length
leaf width
flower color

Dosal sepal
Eastern Mindanao
80~100%,very shady
April to Sept.
deep blue green
daeker tessellation
up to 75cm
75~150cm,2~7 flowers
yellow green or yellow orange striped with black or black mahogany
3/4th black over yellow reen base
Northern Mindanao
75~80%,medium bright
whole year
green with tessellation

25~40cm,2~4 flowers
yellow cream with reddish maroon
cream striped with maroon
ON the original paper, various kinds of descriptions about flowers in detail. But in this site, I'll omit of them.
 It is very difficult to identify Paph. anitum from Paph. adductum. Do you know the somilar case about paph. adductum. About 10 or 15 years before, paph. adductum we know was very compact with shorter and grayish green leaves. We could see the floweres up to t flowers. But in these days, Paph. adductum has very huge plant with 50 ~ 75 cm length yellow green leaves. And their flowers will be over 3. There are a big difference. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find out the former plants in our green house. I guess they will be Paph. adductum exactly, but they might be the different variety. Like this situation, there are no suspicious matter that there are somilar but different variety will be found in nature. From the same stand points, I guess this plant will be the another variety of Paph. adductum. Or it must be the new species exactly ?

Staminodes fromthe different clones of paph. anitum

This photo is introduced as the another variation of Paph. anitum. But in the discription, one of the specificities of Paph. anitum, dosal sepal is that about 3/4ths will be black. This is the origine why they say ' Balck Orchd '. But from this photo, we can not see the balck area on the dosal sepal. But the shape of dosal sepal is very wide from the amatuer growers. This plant is very nice selected clone that I want. This will be awarded quality......

When we see species , we will be madness sometimes because we can not say which properties are common and/or which is individual difference. Especialy, the typing description came frpm the type specimin. So if the specimin is not one of the commone, the discriptions will make us warry. Is this my own, specific problems ?

The photo of Paph. anitum sent from Hong Kong (000710)。

The new photos supplied by Mr. Uri Baruk in France. 010516

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