The Newly discovered Paphiopedilum NO. 7

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I have received this new information about Paph. new species from a friend of mine in Germany, Mr. Olaf Gruss in Jan., 1999.
This species was discovered newly from Viet Nam. The much more information in detail will be reliesed in near future.


@Paph. tranlimianum

This plant is very similar to Paph. burbigerum. The color and stripes on the petal and dosal sepal is different frm them. This new species was discrived by Mr. Olaf Gruss and Dr. Holger Perner in the italian journal CAESIANA.

Paph. tranlienianum
This is named in honour of Mr. Tran Ngo Lien.

The staminode and the lines on petal of Paph. tranlienianum

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