The Newly discovered Paphiopedilum NO. 9

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 This species has just been discovered in Viet Nam. I received information about this new Paph species from a friend of mine in Germany, Mr. Olaf Gruss, on the 13th of January,1999. This species was published by Mr. Gruss and Dr. Holger Perner in the journal 'Die Orchidee'. For me, it is very interesting that the other news source came from Hong Kong on the 11th of January, only 2 days before. There are 2 photos of flowers at the bottom. The 3 photos in the central part came from Ha Noi.


 Paph. vietnamense

          Synonym = Paph. mirabile

This plant was first introduced by me as a variety of Paphiopedilum concolor in the Paphiopedilums in Viet Nam. Though the leaf looks like a Brachypetalum, not like a Parvisepalum, this plant is certainly one of the Parvisepalums. The flower is very similar to Paphiopedilum delenatii. Truthfully, I have never seen the actual flower, so I cannot comment in detail. In the near future, more information and details will be released.

Paph. vietnamense

The staminode of Paph. vietnamense

On the stem, long pure white hair grows closely together. I have heard that the stem grows very, very slowly.

The plant of Paphiopedilum vietnamense. I mistakenly identified it as a subspecies of Paphiopedilum concolor in "Paphs in Viet Nam."

The normal size of the flower is about 11 cm and the length of stem is about 15 to 20 cm. There may be big differences in the depth of color of flowers..

In truth, this new species has recorded as Paph. P. mirabile Cavestro & Chiron . But this record was latter than Mr. Olaf Gruss et al. So, The species name of Paph. P. mirabile is the synonym of Paph. vietnamense. I'll introduce the original photo presented by the auther here.

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