The Newly discovered Paphio[edilum NO. 4

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Paph. saccopetalum

@This is the newly discovered Paphiopedilum from the southern area in China. This informations was sended from Dr. Olaf Gruss for us. The plant will be The plant will be described in teh berman journal in january or february. Some of the professionals in Paphs doubts if this is really a new species or only a genetic mutation perhaps from Paph. esquirolei. Now you can get the informations before the official publication. After published officialy, I'll inform about that.


Paph. lowii var. latifolium

I put the name of this plant to be Paph. lowii var. latifolinum temporarily for Paph. lowii var. sp that was introduced before. This photo was sended from a friend of mine in South Asia. This plant is bigger than the usual Paph. lowii. The size of the leaf is about 1 m of the length and 7 ~ 10 cm (3 or 4 inches) of the width. The flower is a little bit of bigger and darker colored. We can image to be more powerful . But the nubmer of flower is 3 or 4 on the stem which is less than usual. And also, the color of pouch is much darker.

No. ‚W

NEW SPECIES from Viet Nam

I have received 2 New photos of Paphiopedilum that were discovered newly in Viet Nam on the 16th, June, 1998. It looks like strange to find out new Paphs so offen. So I'll introduce the species with some comments. These are not always new species, may be. We don't identify them exactly now. Please accept them one of news and/or information from Viet Nam.


We can not identify what this is. It is not album form of Paph. hiepii, I guess. It looks like one of spasopetalum. We have wait until it will flower.

A friend of mine who visit JAVECO in July has reported that this is the album form of Paph. hiepii exact;y.


I guess this plant is Paph. concolor. They have several kinds o f Paph. concolor because Viet Nam is very long country. This plant is discovered near by the border to China, I hard. The leaves are round and very huge. We can not see the flower but hope the flower is similatr to the flower of Paph. concolor or conco-bellatulum in China. About a years before, I have seen the plant like this. The plants were collected in the north area of Viet Nam. The flower were Paph. concolor exactly. I guess, they are new variety.

This is the big mistake of mine. This plant is the new species, Paph. vietnamense that will be introduced latter. I have to beg a pardon to the members in JAVECO.

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