The Newly discovered Paphio[edilum NO. 3

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Paph. herrmannii

In December, 1995, This species was recrded as a new one. North of Viet Num, Near the border to China. I guess the plants is one or a few. We don't get more informations from Viet Num about this species. It is very dificult this species is a natural hybrids or a real distinct one. Some feture is similar to Paph. henryanum and esqurolei. (Dr.Tanakaj
Now, the owner of this plants is the botanical Garden in Linz in Austria has made seed and tried to start an artificial propagation. We will see in the results what it is. @( Olaf Gruss)

Please see in detail in Paphiopedilum in Viet Nam No. 16


Paph. striatum

Paph. striatum was newly discoverd from Papua New Guinia. Unfortunately, we don't have the photographs. I have the kindness of Dr. Olaf Gruss to have the drawings of Paph. striatum. Some botanists say that it is the variety of Paph, glanduliferum as wilhelminiae according to their feature of the plants and flower.

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