Paphiopedilum in Viet Nam, NO. 7


(16) Paph. herrmanii (New Species)

cf. Newly discovered PaphiNO.4)

cf. Paph. henryanum in Viet Nam (NO.8j

Paph. herrmasnnii is the rare new species discovered from the south area in China. Now it is very clear that there is many this species as colonies in mountains in Viet Nam North area. In truth, we have found unidentified Paphiopedilum already that have introduced as the similar plants as Paph. henryanum before. The Paphiopedilum is the Paph. herrmannii of this species. The information with Photo has sent to me in fast, Sep. from Viet Nam.

This plant of Paph. herrmannii is smaller than that of Paph. esqurolei and very similar to Paph henryanum in the shape and color of leaves. But the small purple red spots on the bottom of the plants is very different from that of Paph. henryanum and esqurolei. S, I could not identified what the plant is and am looking forward to seeing the flower. And now, I have received the photo of the plant and it is Paph. herrmannii. Unfortunately ?, it is not rare and very very common species.

Almost of flowers of Paph. herrmannii are brownish color. But, some of them has much darker red colored flower that is similar to Paph. eesqurolei like the photo.

@Considering about the color and shape , they are came from Paph. esqurolei, it is very easy to image. But other is very difficult. The other feature might come from Paph. hnryanum. But there are no symptom of heavy spots on dorsal sepal of Paph. henryanum. So we can not decide so easily that the origin of this species is between Paph. esqurolei and henryanum. Anyway, They are not simple and accident in this plant. They are one species, we can say. Because , they have very large colonies in many mountains and wide area. I propose that Paph. herrmannii must be one of species even if the origin might be the natural hybrids as x angthong in Malaysia and conco-bellatulum in China.

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