Paphiopedilum culture in higher temperature

 We are saying that Paphiopedilum are very easy to culture because they grow in lower temperature well. But is it true, you think ? It is very very difficult to culture orchids including Paphiopedilums in truth and we can not explain how to grow orchids so easily. It must be easy to understand the difficulty when we think it calmly. When we visit some Paph's natural habitats, we can't see the Paphs growing in the whole surface but only few plants where they love. This means it must be dependent on the micro-climate like sunshine, winds, water, humidity, soil etc comparing with the macro-climate like their natural habitat's area. The matured seed must be spread much more wide around but plants were grown at the limited position only. When we talk about their natural habitat, we have to consider their macro- and micro circumstance. For instance, when we grow some Paphs in their natural habitat, we are not always grow well them in our pots. This faults must be satisfied with the macro-climate but not with the micro-circumstance. But we can't grow Paphs when we consider their condition so much. In order to grow Paphs, we treat them in courteously and boldly at the same time.

 In our society, Japan Paphiopedilum Association (JPA), we refer to how to grow the Paphs well when we talked about some Paph species every times. For over 5 years, we were considering about their culture well and we found out some requirement to archive their better culture.

For example, one of these is ' greenhouse in greenhouse ' that I'll mention here. But this title might not be suitable. Because, one of the methods in JPA for Paph culture is that species except some which like cool actually grow better in the higher temperature than 18 C. Further more, Some of Brachypetalum like Paph. godefroyae, niveum, x ang thong, luechochilum like higher than 20 C in order to grow better. Usually, we grow Paphs in 15 ~ 16 C , minimum temperature in winter. We say, this temperature is normal. So, 18 or 20 C is much higher than the normal temperature of 15C. So, I have used ' higher temperature ' in this title. In truth, ' the higher temperature must be normal '

For us, it is very difficult to grow Paphs in higher temperature like 18 or 20C actually. I grow Paphs in Greenhouse of 33m2. I set up the lowest temperature 16C in winter and I prepare 2 layers of vinyl sheet inside. But sometimes the oil heating system was working all night long when it was -8C outside. In this condition, I can not the temperature of greenhouse go up to 20C. If I forced it to be 20C, my life would break down in other words and I & Paphs would be thrown out in the cold outside by our the Finance Minister.

When we consider how to grow Paphs in higher temperature, some ways will come out. The most actual way will be to make greenhouse in greenhouse and I 'll introduce now. In truth, I have not arranged this information for opening to public but arranged for myself because I was so interested in this method. So I asked the concerned friends and collected information from them. Now I'll introduce the information and I'll put my own experience of making greenhouse in greenhouse and growing Paphs.

A request
 A person who grow Paphs at the higher temperature than 18~20 C, send the information please. I 'm looking forward to having your cooperation. Thank you. E mail :

 We try to grow Paphiopedilums in higher temperature than 20.
Some idea for growing Paphiopedilums in higher temperature.
(1)greenhouse in greenhouse
(2)Making partition in greenhouse

(1)Making greenhouse in greenhouse
1.The structures in greenhouse ( Greenhouse in greenhouse)
(1) Glass shelf on the market
(2) Small vinyl greenhouse on the market
(3) Vinyl greenhouse hand made
2.Heating system
(1)Small size heating system( air heating system、panel heating system、floor heating system etc. )
(2) Others
3.An electric fan
4.A humidifier


Practical examples

Mr. Takashi Kamei Utsunomiya, Tochigi

Mr. Ryouichi Kobayashi Ashikaga, Tochigi

Dr. Masahiro Saitou MD Tsukuba, Ibaraki

Miss Yuko Nara Chiba, Chiba

      I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your cooperation。

I pleased the questionnaire as follows and photos to the cooperated.

The questionnaire About greenhouse in greenhouse
About greenhouse outside
1) Area m2
2) Heating system Water heating or air heating system
3) Lowest temperature
About greenhouse inside ( Greenhouse in greenhouse)
4) Area m2
5) Materials (1) Glass shelf on the market
(2) Small vinyl greenhouse on the market
(3) Vinyl greenhouse hand made
(4) Others
6) Heating system(W)   (1)Air heating system
(2)Panel heating system
(3)Floor heating system etc. )
(4) Others
7) Lowest temperature
8) An electric fan(How many)
9) A humidifier (1) A humidifier
(2) Sprinkling water
(3) Others
10) Others, anything....

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