Paphiopedilum culture in higher temperature

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The questionnaire for greenhouse in greenhouse
About greenhouse outside
Pj Area 33 m2
Qj Heating system Air heating system
Rj Lowest temperature 15
About greenhouse inside ( Greenhouse in greenhouse)
Sj Area LWH / 6540120icmj
Tj Materials
(2) Small vinyl greenhouse on the market
Uj Heating systemiWj@@
(2)Panel heating system (200W)
Vj Lowest temperature 18
Wj An electric fan(How many) A small electric fan of PC
Xj A humidifier
(3) Others (unglazed pots soaking in water)
POj Others, anything....

In the end of last year 2003, I bought a small vinyl greenhouse on the market. I believe this house would be better for some of Brachypetalum like niveum and small seedlings.

The space is not enough for making another greenhouse inside. I decided this end of greenhouse will be the area for the another greenhouse. Because it is not so big one. I bought the small vinyl greenhouse on the market by discount price. It is not so big size but it will be enough for me. This is the test case.

Can you see the small electric fan on the ceiling and the air heating system is in bed. The air heating system is 200 W. It is keeping at 23`24 through the night. It will be 32 in day time but fan is working well. In this greenhouse, it will be dry condition. So, for watering, I 'm using Kobayashi's water supplying system.

Usually, the greenhouse will be overlaid by vinyl cover.

This is the starting situation. Now, I put more plants. It is very crowded. Sometimes, I use another vinyl cover to keep temperature. I don't know the effect.


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