Paphiopedilum culture in higher temperature

NO.2@Mr. Ryouichi Kobayashi iAshikaga, Tochigij@Photos

The questionnaire for greenhouse in greenhouse
About greenhouse outside
Pj Area 115.5 m2
Qj Heating system Air heating system
Rj Lowest temperature 15
About greenhouse inside ( Greenhouse in greenhouse)
Sj Area 3.3 m2
Tj Materials
(2) Small vinyl greenhouse on the market
Uj Heating systemiWj@@
(2)Air heating system
Vj Lowest temperature 22
Wj An electric fan(How many) One electric fan
Xj A humidifier
(2) Sprinkling water
POj Others, anything....

This is my greenhouse face to south

A small greenhouse in greenhouse. It was prepared in this Feb, 2004. It is not passed a year.
A air heating systemi There are two switch of 600and1200. 600 W is enough for this small greenhouse.

An electric fan

Young seedlings of Paph. niveum album which were out of flask in this May. 5 months has passed.
Paph. godefroyae and niveum left them alone from this Jan.

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