NO. 82  Paphiopedilum notatisepalum
                   by Meina Wang et al 180108
This species was described in Phytptaxa 302(2) :156-164 2017 by Meina Wang et al.
Paph. notatisepalum(赤矢印) Paph. henryanum (黄矢印)
This new species is morphologically similar to Paphiopedilum henryanum, from which it differs by the smaller plants with large yellow spots on the leaves, shorter scape, larger flower, white and narrower sepal and light purple-red petals with larger purple spots and yellow-white margins. Lithophytic herbs. Leaves 3–5, narrowly oblong, 8.0–17.0 × 1.2–2.0 cm, apex unequally bilobulate, minutely tridenticulate, deep green, with large yellow spots and purple markings at the base. Inflorescence arching, 8–10 cm long, green, densely purple-pubescent, terminally 1-flowered; floral bract ovate, pale green, with small purple spots, 3.0–3.5 ×1.5–2.0 cm; pedicel and ovary 3.3–4.0 cm long, green, densely purple-pubescent; flower 7.5–8.2 cm indiameter; dorsal sepal white with large purple spots; synsepal white with purple spots; petals pale purple-red with large purple spots and yellow-white margins; lip pale purple-red with yellow-white margins; staminode pale purple with brownish-yellow margins and a yellow umbo; dorsal sepal ovate, 3.5–3.8 ×2.4–2.7 cm margins minutely ciliate, recurved; synsepal narrowly ovate-elliptic, 3.0–3.3 × 1.7–2.0 cm, minutely ciliate, apex bilobulate; petals narrowly obovate-oblong, 4.0–4.3 × 1.4–1.6 cm long, margins undulate and recurved, obscurely tridenticulate apically, minutely ciliate, with long hairs at base; lip helmet-shaped; pouch ellipsoid, 3.5–4.0 × 1.9–2.2 cm, opening slightly auriculate on both sides; staminode obovate, 8–9 × 6–7 mm, papillose, with a small umbo adaxially, apex emarginate.
Flowering period:—September–November.
Distribution and habitat:—In crevices of shady cliffs or rocks in evergreen broad-leaved forests in limestone
areas in southeastern Yunnan, China.
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