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NO. 32@Paph. rhizomatosum@020507

@A new species , Paph. rhizomatosum was described by Dr. Chen Shing-Chi etc in Journal of Wuhan Botanical Research, 20(1), 12 - 13, 2002. The species name was derived from the plant has rhizome actually. But this plant must be the same one, Paph. x areeanum that was discovered by Mr. Aree Petchleung in the Province Guangxi, China and has described in Orchdee, Germany by Mr. Olaf Gruss in 2001 already. Furthermore, Japanese know the Chinese Paphiopedilum for over 10 years named as ashinaga-kabuto ran that means Paphiopedilum with long foot. So. Paph. rhizomatosum and ashinaga-kabuto ran is the synonym of Paph. x areeanum.@This information was supplied by Mr. Olaf Gruss, a orchid friend of mine in Germany. Thank you Olaf.

Photos by Mr. Chen Sing-chi

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