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Mr. Terry Root iThe Orchid Zone. Ltd j
( Calfornia, USA)

e-mail: terry@theorchidzone.com

He is the one of most famous breeders in the world. Especialy he was known as the reader for making new hybrids in Paph. In truth, he is interested in various kinds of orchid. But almost Paph fan are recognizing he is the specialist in Paph. In these days, we know he is making new hybrids using Brachypetalum, Pervisepalum and Polyantha. And many fans have some of his hybrids, I guess. Here, his geen house and some of Paph will be introduced to you. And now, he is preparing their own HP. Please visit and enjoy the OZ world.

Mr. Terry Root , the owner of The Orchid Zone, Ltd.

He is the one of best breeder of Paphiopedilum.

The green house of The Orchid Zone, Ltd. They have many green house and are growing many kinds of orchids. They don't grow Paph. only.

many many seedlings are growing well and the first flowers are just comming. They are good at making the nice shaped hybrids like Voodoo Magic whose flower are callosum type.
They are making many speicies of seedling by self closs and/or shibling closs. You can see the selected nice clones from the Paph. delenatii seedlings.

appletonianum album
'Green Heron'
charlesworthii ' Hot Top '

curtisii sanderae 'Eloquence' chamberainianum
'Chocolate Cherry'

hirsutissimum album rothschildianum 'Radical'


' Jacob's Ladder '

This plant has the longest petals of any of our sanderianums, reaching 74 CM. in about a week after opening. An interesting fact is that the petals only lengthen in the night time, growing up to 12 CM a night for the first few days then gradually lengthening less each night until full size is reached. The petals do not grow at all during the day. It grows best very warm and with lots of water.

sukhakulii 'Ink Spots' sukhakulii album 'Leprechaum'

Voodoo Magic 'Midnight Mass' Voodoo Magic 'Nightshade'

leucochilum ' Cirele Z '

This plant is from four generations of sibling crosses from plants originally imported by Mr. Nick Tannaci of San Jose California. Nick imported some of the finest plants of this wonderful species in the late 1970s and made many different sibling crosses to the delight of all Paphiopedilum growers. We have made more siblings and now the quality is uniformly good. These are very large flowers. We grow them very warm and with a lot of water, we feed very little as too much feed causes the plants to rot.

Wintermoon ' Rose Forest '

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