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Mr. Frankie HandoyoiIndonesiaj

e-mail: fr29@yahoo.com
website title : Orchids of Indonesia
URL: http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Vines/9686/

I like orchid since 15 years ago, at that time I grew Dendrobium and Vanda. I did not take care them carefully, just put them in the trees in my backyard and feed them as I remember. Until right now, I have already killed many orchids. In the last 2 year, I become interested in Paph. and Phal. I have 17 Paphiopedilum species and 25 species of phals, most of them are native from Indonesia. Beside Paph and Phals, I also collected another species like Grammatophyllum, Dendrobium and

I live in Jakarta at the island of Java, Indonesia. Paph. javanicum, glaucophyllum, moquetianum are native to Java, sometime we can find Paph. lowii, but most of Paph. lowii from Java is epiphyte. Temperature of Jakarta is hot and humid. Some of my Paphs. like praestan, victoria marie do not want to bloom. (maybe the temperature is too hot for them).

I grow my Paphs in pot, and put them under the palm tree in my garden.I also build small tiered staging to accommodate the pots of Paphs and Phals.

Although the phoot are not so well, I 'll introduce some of my plants. When the better flowers comming out, I'll show you in near future.

The compost made frim mix of sphagnum moss peat and horticulture sand. I am watering Paphs twice a week and put small quantity of fertilizer into it.

Paph. lowii

Paph. victoria-reginae

Paph. primulinum

Paph. villosum
I bought from local orchid seller, the seller said that the plant come fromBurma, I like this orchid very much, the flower have thick petal and dorsalsepal. this orchid grow fast and soon become specimen.

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