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NEERI - ORCHIDS (Switzerland)

Erika and Roland Rusterholz (Switzerland)@

They grow and breed orchids for forty years. Please visit their beautiful village or site. When I have a time, I want to visit them in future.
Neeri-Orchids : Since 1960 up to today we have been hobby growers and also collectors of Paphiopedilums. Now we are retired but still raising Paph. species and hybrids from seeds.Our homepage gives an impression of what is in bloom during the year.

A notice
Mrs. Erica Rusterholz who is a owner of Neeri-Orchids in Neerach, Switzerland, introduced on my link site, is fighting against breast cancer. She has prepared her experience on website for many women to read her documentation. Please visit her site and you will profit by her information. If possible, contact her.........

They live in Neerach wich is very beautiful village in Switzerland where they most of the year live.

The name "Neeri-Orchids" they gave uthem 1978, so that they could take part in national and international orchid shows. Over forty years orchid growing and breeding brought many awards, which fulfill them with some pride.

They have a second home in PAIROLA (Italy), in a small, still intact village, surrounded by olive groves, 2 km away from Mediterranean Sea and is between Alassio and San Remo at the Ligurian coast.

They are making flasks by themselves. The seedlings are growing well in jam glass bottles.

( armeniacum x mastersianum )

(William Mathews x hookerae)

(Neeri-Pride x malipoense)

( Gigi x armeniacum)

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