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In this page, I'll introduce you to my favorite Home pages. Each home page is linked here. You click the site name, and visit there. Would you visit the sites ? @I expect you to enjoy in the site as me. But back to my site again, please.

Foreign Sites

Greater New York Orchid Society The society in New York that I have a lot of orchid friends reliable heartily. They let me know what the good orchid friends are for me. When you visit NY, I hope you will visit their meeting and make good friends. 031208
Slipperorchid Forum An excellent new discussion forum about Paphiopedilum and their relatives. It was started in March, 2005. In just over 4 months they have over 300 knowledgeable members. The forum is at www.slipperorchidforum.com. You might find it of interest! Before you join the discussion, you have to register. 050719
Orchid Societies Council of Victoria @A newly opend website by The Orchid Societies Council of Victoria (OSCOV) in Australia. OSCOV was formed in April 1992 in response to the need for Victoria (Australia) to have a truly representative body to coordinate the activities of various Victorian orchid societies and to act as a forum at state level. The Council currently has 29 member societies. 050126

Pervian Orchids


we have 4 orchid farms join together in Northern Peru and a laboratory in Lima, our list of orchid species will increase in the coming year hopefully. we are looking for co operation, exchange, visits, expeditions, exports of orchids, conservations project, etc

In-Cahrm Orchids

By Mr. Yuan-Chuan Hsiao who is a owner of Incharm Orchids and is known as one one of the best breeder in Taiwan. He is making his own hybrids.
NEERI - ORCHIDS They live in Neerach wich is very beautiful village in Switzerland wher they most of the year live. And they have a second home in a small, still intact village, PAIROLA surrounded by olive groves, 2 km away from Mediterranean Sea and is between Alassio and Sanremo at the Ligurian coast. They grow and breed orchids for forty years. Please visit their beautiful village or site. When I have a time, I want to visit them in future.
Welcome to Ha Pham's page A new web site by a hobbyist who love Paph and Phrag especially and grow them under light or in windowsill i Canada.

Woodstream Orchids

Featuring Top Quality Paphs, Phrags, Epidendrums, Lycastes and Additional Select Genera, Flasks Seedlings Divisions. Especially they love Phragmipedilum. From Huntingtown, MD, USA
Orchidee in Umbria The web site by a hobbyist in Italy. He love Cattleya but I hope he will be a good connoissure in Paphs in future.
SlipperOrchid.com CITES Information We know CITES in it history, status etc in detail here. They discuss the recommendation who to make and keep it in future for paphiopedilum species especially. If all Paphiopedilum enthusiasts work together, we can make a change for the better!
TISSUE QUICK PLANT LABORATORIES At Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories, commercially they propagate a large number of Paphiopedilums. We also sell laboratory products for flasking which include PTFE venting systems, autoclavable plant culture containers and Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium media. In UK.

K & H Orchids Paphiopedilum

The new site by Ken and Heather Smart (K & H Orchids) which is located in Brisbane, Australia. The site is full of some great species paph and phrag photos (over 120 and still growing) of some of Ken's awarded species, also his
current price list etc.

Burleigh Park Orchids

Ian & Pat Walters Burleigh Park Orchid Nursery in Thuringowa, Australia. They have a lot of plants, seedlings and flasks that is made by themselves in various genera. They supply orchids on world wide net mainly.
My Orchids Gallery Orchid Gallery released from Santa Barbara, California by Mr. Ronald Shu. We recognize how he love orchids from the photo.
Appunti sul genere Paphiopedilum Mr. Giulio Farinelli's web site from Italia. He loves Paphiopedilums so much. The link in Italia is very interesting also. We will be able to visit unknown world in Italia.

Paph's net by the Heckeroth

Bill@Heckeroth has moved from Denver, Colorado to California,USA. He bulit up thenew Web site as Paph's net again. He loves Paph. so much. On this site, he links a lot of good Paph. sites.


The directory on agriculture on agriculture and its surrounding industry. This site provides a search engine for agricultural professionals and other interested parties who wish to research various products, services, information, and other topics of agriculture existing on the web.


orchidaceae.org is an organization founded by a few orchid enthusiasts with the intention to preserve as much genetic material of orchids as possible through propagation. I agree their purpose. They have good photo gallery of Paphs species.

Phrag Web (The Phragmipedium Web Site)

The specified Phragmipedium web site by Mr. Rob Zuiderwijk in Netherlands. In the site, Genus,Taxonomy, Species,Hybrids etc is introduced in detail.

Marriott Orchids

Marriott Orchids is a fine breeder of complex Paphiopedilums, with an emphasis on whites and pinks...also, select species and primaries.

Sunshine Farm & Gardens

They are introducing uncommonly rare and exceptional plants for the discriminating gardener and collectors. Sunshine Farm & Gardens is the home, farm, garden, arboretum and nursery of Barry Glick, a transplanted Philadelphian who has been propagating plants. In their image gallery, they have the Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia. Of course, the species of Paphiopedilums are on this site.

Wossner Orchideen

The site by the nursery of Mr. Granz in Germany. He is very well known as one of the best breeder in the world.@ He is introduced on my site as a orchid friend around the world.

Orchid News in Papua New Guinea

The special home page about Orchids in Papua New Guinea. The Paphiopedilum's site is available.

EZI-GRO Orchids

Commercial growers in Australia. They love Paphiopedilum very much and have the comments like nomenclature of them specially and hoe to grow them in their home page.

The Orchid Zone, Ltd

the Orchid Zone, Ltd is the famous orchid growers in USA. Mr. Terry Root who is the owner is the one of the most well known breeder in Paphiopedilum. We are very interested in the new direction of the breeding of Paph by himself.

Orchids Of Indonesia

Orchids' information from Indonesia directly. Now it is specialized in Phalenopsis. I expect them to make the specific site about Paphs in near future.

Brazilian Orchids

If you are interested in Orchids in Brazil, you should visit this site. You can satisfy any kinds of information with BM.

Orchid Mall

One of the biggest link site about orchids in USA. For the beginning to visit USA, let start from this site.

Antec Lab.

USA,NY . One of the best sites in Paph. species and their hybrids. They hybridizes and makes flasks in their Lab. A new flask list at:http://ladyslipper.com/s97flas.htm

Argus Orchids

home page by the specialist in Paphiopedilum who lives in Washington DC. He like Polyantha type Paphs but looks like going to love Parvisepalum and Brachypetalums in these days.
Welcome To PaphioDePaphio's Slipper Labyrinth Home page by Jason who is the specialist in Paph and want to supply the seedlings and flask in the inexpensive price by the cooperation with hobbyist friends around him.

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