NO.17 Jason  ( USA, NY )

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 I started growing orchids about 3 years ago. About 8 months later, I discovered the wonderful world of Cypripedium. I decided to give away most of my orchidsand started out from the basics with a few Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums. We also are known to many others on the internet as PaphioDePaphio, or PDP. As I have my own site, please visit me.

Photo by Mr. Charles Marden Fitch

Paph. venustum
'Nobuyuki Yoshida' AM/AOS

Paph. gratrixianum 'AquaGem'

Photo by Mr. Charles Marden Fitch

Paph. Lynlei Koopowitz ' Nobuyuki Yoshida ' AM/AOS ( 82 pts )
This is the best flower they have seen among all the Lynleigh Koopowitz presented for judging. Color of the flowers are very nice, unlike the other Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz which tend to be very pale. Petals and sepals are very flat. Most delenatii hybrids tend to have reflex petals and sepals, but it is not present at all on these 2 flowers.

Paph. Armeni White ' AquaGem'

Paph. Oriental Tapestry
'Mem. Richard Ong'

Paph. wardii 'AquaGem's Duet'

Paph. urbanianum
'Nobuyuki Yoshida'

Paph. curtisii 'AquaGem'

Paph. superbiens

Paph. Greyi album

Paph. Mint Chocolate  
'Nobuyuki Yoshida'

Paph. Supersuk
'Ocean Pines' AM/AOS

Paph. Landmark

NO.18 Ronald Setiawan  ( Cal. USA) 990706

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I live in Diamond Bar, California. It is about 30 miles (45km) east of Los Angeles. Currently, I am a student judge for the American Orchid Society. I learn a lot about paph in the judging program. Four years ago, I could not differentiate between a good paph and an ugly one, they all looked alike to me. Therefore, I encourage everybody to attend the judging session even though you have no desire to become a judge. In addition to the knowledge that you get, you also will meet many friends who have the same interest.
 I started growing orchid when I was 9 years old. As a little boy and had nobody taught me on how to grow orchid, I virtually killed all orchids that I had within a year or two. However, the desire to grow orchid is never vanish.
 Having that chilhood orchid nightmare, I was always hesitant to start growing
orchid again. Until one day I bought a book written by Bob Gordon on how to grow phalenopsis for beginners. After reading that book, I realized that all I have done were totally wrong, no wonder that I killed most of my orchids. My born again orchid grower did not start until I could bloom again a Cymbidium given to me by my student. From that time on, I am really into orchids and in many instances, it became too much. Here some picture of my Paph taken by using my brother in law's digital camera.

Paph. fairreanum 'Diamond Bar' HCC/AOS 990924

I bought 10 of those plants from Orchid Zone in January 1998 after Paph Guild meeting, then I sold 7 of those to my orchid society friends. I kept 3 plants. I bloomed all of them. Fortunately, one is good, and got awarded. The thing that make me happy is that the plant was awarded.

Paph. Armeni White
'Supreme' AM/AOS

Flame Arrow  'Elegance'

Flame Arrow  'Vini Peacock'

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