NO.19  Alan Bickell ( Canada) 990726

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 We live in Canada near Toronto. I have been growing Paphs for twenty-five years and have all the "old" species. We do paph seed flasking and have some albino and variegated forms which were have grown from seed. I frequently do primary crosses, particularly those with rothschildianam. The greenhouse also contains many other species type orchids and many Nepenthes species. I have been growing orchids for about forty years now.

 I served on the executive of the Southern Ontario Orchid Society for about 17 years but have now retired from that group. They hold an annual show in Toronto in March each year and we usually sell plants there. My company is Canadian Tissue Culture Labratory. We clone many types of orchids and carnivorous plants. please visit our site when you have a chance.

Paph. praestans

Paph. barbigerum

Paph. fairrieanum v. album

Paph. charlesworthii

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