Paph. leucochilum in Thailand in these days(NO.4)

Chantaburi province shown Sunday reported by Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj050509
So many flowers of Brachymetalum. In detail, visit the international orchid shows.

This picture is paph.bellatulum from Thai-Burmese border Mr.Seri got her 5 years ago,We named her last night as ' Midnight Queen'. She is the most beautiful bellatulum we have ever seen isn't it? I took
this picture last night her color is very dark under fluorescent light as you seen so we give the name 'Midnight Queen ' to her .

under fluorescent light

under Sun light
This picture I took this morning under sun light she gives red color. Her size is much smaller because of blooming in hot weather like Bangkok when compare with when we first saw her newly arrived from the cool jungle , but now her color and shape is much more beautiful.

Bangkok Orchid meeting monthly show

Bangkok Orchid meeting monthly show nomally organized by Royal Horticultural society of Thailand ( RHT ) on the first Saturday of the month And Cattleyas &P aphiopedidlum grower meeting on the second Saturday of the month , both meetings sponsored by Bangkok Flower Centre company (
an Orchid exporter and seedling Laboratory )
There we can have lunch together ,exchange orchid pollen and plants. Would you visit us when you visit Bangkok.

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