Chantaburi Orchid Show in Thailand


@Chantabri Orchid show is one of the biggest orchid show in Thailand. This show was held inthe first week of May 2005. Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj reported this show now. Thank you, Sampas. Chantaburi is a city in the east of Thailand about 2 hour drive from Pattaya . It is famous in fruit farming especially durian and mangosteen. Chantaburi have Orchid Show 3 times a year . 14th of FEBUARY , First week of MAY , and in DECEMBER normally Orchid Show sponsored by local orchid a part of Agricultural Exhibition there.

Chantaburi has many species orchids because there are mountains and huge rainforests. Chantaburi is the home of paphiopedilum collosum, appletonianum and the most welknown dendrobium hendricksianum ( dendrobium Chantaburi in Thai).

Also there are the centre of gemstones trading ' Siamese ruby' and ' sapphire '.

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Paph. ang-thong exhibited by Mr. Atachai, The best paphopedilum in show

Rhy. Retusa got ' First In Show ' very nice and fragrance

lucochilum album
The biggest leucochilum from MU nursery 1st Prize, leucochilum exhibited by MU nursery
The 2nd Prize. leucochilum ' Uncle Yuan ' exhibited by Mr. Seri

The 3rd prize. The lovely form of concolor.

1st Prize, Paph. niveum

1st Prize hybrids, ( excel x bellatulum )

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