Paph. leucochilum in Thailand in these days(NO.3)

Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj , a well known hobbyist in Bangkok

@Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj who is introduced in NO.2, is one of well known hobbyists in Bangkok. He grow Paphs, of course Brachypetalum mainly.

He said, ' I and my friends are hobbyists of Paphiopedilums growers, our plants
were growing in our house, but we are serious in selecting real good
clone of Thai Paphiopedilums.' ' let's see our places and our Paphs.'

Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj : e mail address <>

New Photos from him on 050407

The growing Paphs on the bench underwhere a great pool lay.
A commercial grower's farm 'Major Khamron' who retired from Thai military. In his farm, the plants are over water pond and they grow very well .

Oh, good shape .... and beautiful color.

The previous Photos on 050401



concolor ' #3'

leucochilum ' Lu-Lu'

leucochilum 'Red Bitch' budding

leucochilum 'Red Bitch' just opening

luecochilum 'Red Bitch' before breeding

Mr. Seri

leucochilum ' #7' of MR. Seri

leucochilum ' Queen Yellow '
Mr. Atachi's farm

leucochilum ' #1' of Mr. Atachi

Mr. Sampas Koolsriroj's families in Ang-Khang Royal's Farm in Chiang Mai

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